Category Information

The Rumour Mill has a variety of categories it places its articles into. Below is a brief breakdown of what each one is in order to help you find what you’re looking for.

  • Breaking News
    Bigger than announcements! Shock! Awe! Scandal! These articles feature information that needs to be known in Eyr right now!
  • Announcements
    Pieces that have something important to inform the greater community about, such as big changes, notable plot developments, or happenings on the horizon.

    • Events
      A subsection alerting denizens to upcoming events, as well as reporting those held in the past.
    • Legal Notices & Info
      Information in regards to laws, security and so forth across the isle. Includes execution notices and death reports.
    • OOC Posts & Info
      A small section that steps out of the roleplay to present some important OoC information to the roleplaying community.
  • Classifieds
    Ye Old Advertisements. Another great option to stir up or find RP!

    • Business Spotlight
      An in-depth look at the businesses and their owners. A great way to explore new potential plots for yourself through trade/bartering RP or IC jobs!
    • Jobs
      Postings of IC jobs at Eyr’s businesses, usually containing a quick brief about the position and how to apply. These are also found on the main Rumour Mill page in the top scrolling menu area.
    • Personals
      Looking to add a lil’ love to your storylines? Submit here or search through to see what you can find!
    • Services
      Is your product your own skills? Hired Hands, Hunters to Go, Swords for Hire, and more can toss up their services here.
    • Sales & Businesses Notices
      Clearance, specials, changes and more information pertaining to the businesses can be found here.
  • Denizen Featurettes
    Submissions from community members. That’s right– their own reports about going-ons in the field published! Got something to share? Find out more about submitting to The Rumour Mill here.

    • Gossip & Rumours
      Juicy tidbits that might be scandalous factually or just delicious tall-tales. Share what you’ve overheard in your travels here!
    • Interviews
      Get the information straight from the source! These articles feature one-on-one interactions with Rumour Mill staff and active characters within the realm, ranging from business owners to faction leaders to eyewitnesses of events.
    • Page Five
      The Rumour Mill’s specialty section featuring denizens of Eyr in raw yet tasteful glamor ‘paintings’. Care to share your assets as a model? Find out more info here!
    • Prose, Paintings & More
      Creative pieces ranging from bardic tales to tavern food reviews from character’s perspectives.
  • Editorials & Opinions
    We’re not judging, but we just have to say… this section is for character’s point-of-views on matters in Eyr. These articles go beyond denizen reports, which are predominantly facts and unbiased observations, to include interpretations and opinions.
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