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Introducing The Mysts of Eyr’s Rumour Mill

Before Mysts of Eyr, The Realm of Mystara had its own dedicated blog, an IC newsletter called The Mystara Tribune. This was a terrifically convenient vehicle to keep players up-to-date with all the various events, businesses, people of note and everyday goings on within the sim. Not only that, but it gave another medium for Mystara players to express their literary and artistic creativity outside of Secondlife.

When it came time to start development for Mysts of Eyr, it was an absolute no-brainer decision that Eyr needed its own blog as well to carry over the Tribune tradition. Thus, we have The Mysts of Eyr Rumour Mill.

While its IC motivations and distribution might take different routes in a hostile jungle environment, OOCly the Rumour Mill functions exactly the same as the Mystara Tribune. Any player can offer content to the Rumour Mill from art to stories to reports so long as the content follows our posting rules. Have a report, a piece of artwork, a poem or a story to share? Contact an admin or Rumour Mill Editor-in-Chief today!

Feel like fielding a regular column or editorial? All you need is a WordPress account and know how to write in an in-character voice. Apply to become a Rumour Mill Journalist.

Lets make some awesome stories together!

-Farah Hannu, Mysts of Eyr Admin

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