Postings of IC jobs at Eyr’s businesses, usually containing a quick brief about the position and how to apply. These are also found on the main Rumour Mill page in the top scrolling menu area.

Eyr’s Bathhouse is Open!

Bathhouse Proprietess Naia

Naia, Bathhouse Proprietress

Eyr’s bathhouse perched high atop the hill overlooking Stormstead is one of the most desirable locations in the Kuvari River Canyon.  And now this lonely bathhouse which has stood empty for several months has a new owner.  Welcome Naia!

This young Mer has stepped into the role of Proprietress with a giggle, a smile, and a handful of clean towels.  Bubbly, caring, and extremely focused on making sure your trip to the bathhouse is a relaxed one – this reporter can than think of none better.

So take your cares, your worries, your stress, and shed them all in the relaxing waters of Eyr’s Bathhouse.  Naia and the rest of the bathhouse staff will make sure you come out smelling like a rose.  Or at the very least better than you did when you walked in.

Submitted by Blanche Greyling

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto


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Crone’s Eye Looking to Hire!

Whispers Of Magic Crawl Across Eyr…

Do you feel it? Do you feel the energy surrounding you?
It is everywhere.
Reality distorted and changed. Figments drawing you closer.
Everything is not what it seems, yet it all points to The Swamps.
But be wary, Grainie’s got her eye on you.
So do the hungry alligators and carnivorous plants..
Can you brave the traps to bring order and balance to magic?
If you can prove yourself worthy to Grainie, make yourself known?
Stop by the Crone’s Eye… if you dare.  Show yourself.

(Apply here:


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Gnome Depot: The Gnomes are Looking for Halp!

Makara - Gnome Depot

The Cold One!  Save us!

Halp! We have been taken over by the cold one calling himself Makara. Where is Mistress Sparrow??

He walks about the shop moving everything around and calls it tidying.

I say Bird droppings on his tidying!

The sailors he brings in are loud. And stinky. Do they know there is a bath house? Groooss.  Help us please!

Save us from this winged menace. Come work for us. In the shop. Come work in the shop. We need sailors that bathe. Traders who can count. And appraisers who understand value. And profit!  Yes! Profit!


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Strike While the Metal is Hot!


The Molten Crucible is open for business and looking for able bodies to staff the forge. Do you enjoy working metal, glass, jewelry, or crafting magical goods? Look no further than the finest forge in all of the islands, matched only by the Shalan’ti in resources. Come on down to The Back Alley under the volcano, where the heart of the earth glows as hot as the furious belly of Azifix, forging many goods ranging from the keenest of blades to the most intricate of glass vases. Perks of working include discounted goods, free upkeep for regular weapons and armor, and free hands on training for various crafts. Those working at the crucible may hold one, or multiple roles, such as a blacksmith who is also an artificer.

Positions include:

Crucible Blacksmith. A blacksmith, as the name implies, deals with iron and steel primarily. However, blacksmiths of The Molten Crucible should be knowledgeable in working other common materials such as copper, tin, bronze, silver, and gold. They may or may not know how to work more advanced metals, though those are likely to be seen to personally by the Forgemaster or the Foreman.

Crucible Gaffer. A gaffer does not work with metals, but glass. Known by the more common layman’s term of glassblower, a gaffer is expected to be adept at the blowing and shaping of glass. It is rumored that some glassblowers may have the ability to work with certain crystals as well.

Crucible Finesmith. A jeweler is one who works on intricate pieces, usually jewelry made of pricier metals such as silver and gold. A jeweler may also be called upon to work with more intricate details of an item such as engraving and other fine tasks unbefitting of the calloused and strong hands of a blacksmith.

Crucible Artificer: Worker who specializes in creating / crafting weapons / artifacts / items to be magically imbued. This may mean dealing with specialist materials or using a ritual approach alongside the physical crafting to make the finished item more attuned to magic.

For those who do well in the business, are active, and learn all facets of business that The Molten Crucible deals with, the position of Foreman is available. There is only one position for this role at the moment. The Foreman is adept in the day to day operations of The Molten Crucible. They act as a manager in the event the Forgemaster is unavailable. A Foreman does not suffer fools lightly, and is quick to ensure the proper order of the forge. The Foreman must have at least a general knowledge of all workings of the business in order to properly direct employees.

Please stop by The Molten Crucible for any inquiries. I would be glad to help anyone who wishes to join, or those who would like to commission a piece, no questions asked as long as you have the funds. We are located in The Back Alley under the volcano, next to The Booty Hole, also known as the stone giant ruins.

( Hikari in disguise. Tenmeihikari.resident )


((An application to work for the Molten Crucible may be filled out HERE.)

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Hand Crafted is Looking for You!

Calling All CraftsmenDo you have skills you wish to market?  Or are there skills you wish to learn?  We have both at Hand Crafted.  We are currently seeking persons with valuable skillsets to help the citizens of Eyr.  In addition, we offer opportunities and apprenticeships for those wishing to learn a trade.

Hand Crafted Jobs & Trades is a neutral alliance of Eyr’s finest artists and craftsmen.  We offer a wide variety of services and we are looking to expand upon our current skillsets and develop apprenticeship positions for those interested in learning a trade.

Some of the skillsets we are seeking include (but are not limited):

  • Stonecraft.  Fintcraft, decorative, weapons & tool crafting and construction.
  • Archer.  Archery equipment design and creation. Archery supplies and repair.
  • Fishing.  Construction and design of fishing equipment and repoair from lures to fishing poles, nets, etc.
  • Fletchers.  Archery specialists.
  • Woodcraft and Carving.  Artistic and Utilitarian
  • Carpentry.  Construction, design and repair.  This could be everything from building construction down to furniture and/or toys.
  • Beadwork.  Bead creatin, carving, artistic design.
  • Pottery.  Ceramics and pottery of all shapes and sizes.  This could range from artistic sculpture to solid and practical pottery.
  • Cordwainer.  Custom footwear and sandals.
  • Leathercraft.  Skinning and tanning services as well as construction of everything from armor, braces, pauldrons, and clothing.  Leather gear and accessories.
  • Jewelry Making.  Design and creation of jewelry.
  • Painting/Sketching.  Artistic as well as practical.
  • Chandlery.  Beeswax and other types of candles.
  • Cord/Rope Making.  Weaving and braiding natural fibers into ropes.
  • Basket Making.  Everything from small decorative baskets made of pine needles to larger baskets practical for carrying/hauling.
  • Scrimshaw.  Decorative bone carving for the discriminating natives.
  • Weavers/Dyers.  Fabric weavers and those with skills in dying fabrics/making patterns.

We encourage you to stop by the dock to discuss options.  You can contact either Blanche Greyling, Craft Lead, or Xunfryn Revnik,Manager.

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Seeking Guardsmen and Women


Scroll Text:

The Guard of Stormstead seeks able bodied men and women to protect the village.

Get suck perks as:

  • Discounted drinks!
  • You get paid (in trade!)
  • Getting to smash things!
  • Training!
  • Secret Decoder Magic Boxes!*

For more information or if you’re interested contact Phedre LaCroix (Akemo.Draegonne) for more information!
*we actually don’t have secret magic decoder boxes.”

OOC Info:

Flyer Text provided by Akemo.Draegonne. Graphic made by Farah Hannu.

To learn more about the Stormstead Guard group or have OOC inquiries regarding joining the group, send an IM to Akemo.Draegonne.

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A Crafter’s Inquiry

Calling All Craftsmen

As a perfect demonstration of the sort of reliable information delivery one can expect from the Rumour Mill, here is letter sent to us by one of our citizenry. If you’re a fellow craftsman of Eyr, this Blanche Greyling sounds very interested in hearing from you!

“Are you an Artisan who is looking for a way to market and sell your product or services? Do you have a great service or product you think others would like? It could be anything that is handcrafted by you here in Eyr. If so, I would like to meet you.

My name is Blanche Greyling and recent addition to the Island of Eyr. I am a seamstress/leatherworker by trade with many years of experience. I recently began experimenting making leather sandals. Although it seemed a foolish pursuit to me (I mean how can these scraps of leather be considered real footwear anyway?), I find that people actually like them. I am wearing a pair and find them surprisingly comfortable. In either event, I am adapting and as such I have an idea…

I would like to set up a market or a shop and invite people like myself to participate. These would be other Crafters who have handmade goods or services they wish to sell/trade. I am but one person and as yet the population is small so I cannot support such an idea by myself. If Crafters could work together to provide staffing for the Shop, we could work together – providing a centralized place for customers to come to inquire about projects and place orders. We could work together in this fashion. This may take the form of an open market or even a structure – perhaps one of the currently vacant buildings in the village. If there are enough of us interested – perhaps both a market and a building!

If you are a Crafter like myself and interested in such an idea, please contact me. I am currently residing within the Fishing Village and generally easy to find. You can seek me out up at the Bathhouse if not down in the village proper.

I look forward to meeting with you.
Thank you.

Blanche Greyling
Master Tailor/Tanner/Leatherworker/Cordwainer”

((Letter submitted by Blanche Fralto. Article and Image supplied by Farah Hannu

OOC info: Interested in becoming a Crafter? Fill out a Crafter Employee Application today! ))

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