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Crone’s Eye Looking to Hire!

Whispers Of Magic Crawl Across Eyr…

Do you feel it? Do you feel the energy surrounding you?
It is everywhere.
Reality distorted and changed. Figments drawing you closer.
Everything is not what it seems, yet it all points to The Swamps.
But be wary, Grainie’s got her eye on you.
So do the hungry alligators and carnivorous plants..
Can you brave the traps to bring order and balance to magic?
If you can prove yourself worthy to Grainie, make yourself known?
Stop by the Crone’s Eye… if you dare.  Show yourself.

(Apply here:


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Hand Crafted is Looking for You!

Calling All CraftsmenDo you have skills you wish to market?  Or are there skills you wish to learn?  We have both at Hand Crafted.  We are currently seeking persons with valuable skillsets to help the citizens of Eyr.  In addition, we offer opportunities and apprenticeships for those wishing to learn a trade.

Hand Crafted Jobs & Trades is a neutral alliance of Eyr’s finest artists and craftsmen.  We offer a wide variety of services and we are looking to expand upon our current skillsets and develop apprenticeship positions for those interested in learning a trade.

Some of the skillsets we are seeking include (but are not limited):

  • Stonecraft.  Fintcraft, decorative, weapons & tool crafting and construction.
  • Archer.  Archery equipment design and creation. Archery supplies and repair.
  • Fishing.  Construction and design of fishing equipment and repoair from lures to fishing poles, nets, etc.
  • Fletchers.  Archery specialists.
  • Woodcraft and Carving.  Artistic and Utilitarian
  • Carpentry.  Construction, design and repair.  This could be everything from building construction down to furniture and/or toys.
  • Beadwork.  Bead creatin, carving, artistic design.
  • Pottery.  Ceramics and pottery of all shapes and sizes.  This could range from artistic sculpture to solid and practical pottery.
  • Cordwainer.  Custom footwear and sandals.
  • Leathercraft.  Skinning and tanning services as well as construction of everything from armor, braces, pauldrons, and clothing.  Leather gear and accessories.
  • Jewelry Making.  Design and creation of jewelry.
  • Painting/Sketching.  Artistic as well as practical.
  • Chandlery.  Beeswax and other types of candles.
  • Cord/Rope Making.  Weaving and braiding natural fibers into ropes.
  • Basket Making.  Everything from small decorative baskets made of pine needles to larger baskets practical for carrying/hauling.
  • Scrimshaw.  Decorative bone carving for the discriminating natives.
  • Weavers/Dyers.  Fabric weavers and those with skills in dying fabrics/making patterns.

We encourage you to stop by the dock to discuss options.  You can contact either Blanche Greyling, Craft Lead, or Xunfryn Revnik,Manager.

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