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The Fiery Beast & the Water Serpent

Once the void rifts fell, not all was silent and peaceful as before. The great beast Sindali rose once more from his grave, in spirit at least, though as before, physical effect could be felt and for some distance around the scene of the battle. The giant and vicious cat created flames upon himself and threatened to light fire to the jungle as well! Why have the spirits been so disturbed? Is it provoked by the Ebon Reach and their activities? Or are the spirits of the land and the great Mother goddess angry at us for our part in all of this? What does she wish to teach us with this attack? That not all elements within her land remain tidy and controlled under her purview? Does she wish for us to simply suffer for our transgressions? Or is there something more hideous going on here?   For a taint and a corruption surely remains upon our sacred land. Or… has the sacredness fled and we are truly left alone on neutral ground?  I believe it is time we should pray to the mother goddess to send us the guidance of a new Myan or Myar. I know very little of the tiny mystfolk left in charge. Perhaps she may rise to rank of Myan. I do know she is well liked, she would bring us the peace we seek.


At nearly the same time, the waters darkened and we were beset by the spirit of a creature dispatched from this realm at the establishment of the Kuvesi healing stone and the pond in which it now rests. The great serpent who held one of the stone fragments in its cavernous belly, cut open and dispatched from the realm of the living.  It returned to haunt the waters and again in form physical enough to cause harm and be dealt damage, that it might be defeated.  It had crept up to the shore and turned the waters red with its anger and vengeance. It was dispatched by healthy doses of holy magic! An eyewitness account proclaimed the following:

It takes one final blow of holy magic, cast by Caspian, the merman, to break the ghostly Leviathan! Piece by piece, it breaks apart, with glowing orbs flying through the air! The spectral beast roars in a high pitch, sending waves to crash and the trees to bend! It EXPLODES in a splash of ghostly water and then is no more!


And so too, the great beast of the water was defeated once more and the denizens of the land and sea remain safe. Or so it seems. With the Reach crushed of its leader and the victories upon the land and sea in the defeat of spirits, the people are stronger than ever. Let us hope their bravery does not abandon them. We must undertake ceremony and proper Moei Asing ritual… to encourage the proper balance and also to strengthen ourselves against our own physical and spiritual enemies.  The time for unity and action among the disparate tribes again looms upon us. Who will bring us together? Someone should find that sassy bastet nudist I’ve seen prowling the jungle… between him and the pixie Verdict, I feel Ame’s will can once again reign over the land.

– Tor’el, Sum’ei’an scholar & herbalist

((ooc submitted by eiirwen))

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The final battle of the void rifts?

Really what can be said for this calamity? That the villagers felt the threat so severely that it required a full assault on what by all accounts were three members of the Ebon Reach and their leader or master, the Eternal. A large section of void was set aside by some dark power and the villagers entered the rift and were immediately beset by the savagery of the Reachers. Such unrequited blood lust saw to it that the villagers would respond with force and the battle raged for several hours. Each side took it’s hits with the only healers taking care exclusively to aid the villagers. By all accounts one such healer was neutral and the other a fledgling member of the Moei Asing. Regardless of the severity of hits, the Eternal and his undead accomplice survived the battle until the very end. When a villager, otherwise normally a healer, took the opportunity to deliver a savage blow to these two Reachers and unleashed a powerful flower known as Corpus Lotus. It was only a matter of time then before the Eternal was defeated. The attacks by the villagers did damage but witness accounts state that he fell rather quickly.  Was it the lotus? Or was this his plan all along? Others have stated that one of the Reach spoke to the rifts seeing their time come to pass and the villagers and Moei Asing would be tasked with the clean up so to speak.  Two other members of the Reach battled fiercely as well, one disappearing following the battle and the other, an Alexander Movolio, was taken prisoner.

Once the Eternal’s body disappeared, the Void rift began to disintegrate and those with magical inclination were able to collapse the rift at the site of the battle.  The effect was quite violent and did considerable damage to the land and to the villagers who had so bravely fought. Witness accounts spoke of a faun by the name of Glade, a celestial by the name of Xal, Wanton Aime of the Stormstead tavern and council, and two elves, one of the woods and one formerly of the Ebon Reach. What will become of the Reach now? It’s difficult to tell, but what is quite discernible is the dramatic disappearance of the void rifts and little sign remains of their having been upon the land at all. Some cleanup remains, as well as the threat of continued corruption upon the land itself. Hopefully, the damage is temporary.

So who was the Eternal of the Ebon Reach? Now that he’s gone, destroyed, taken out by the cold metal and indiscriminate magic in the hands of the village and jungle denizens.  His history runs deep in Eyr. A pack alpha of Mystara who came with the original settlers and terrorized folks before he even took a step into undeath. He was well known to those who remained and yet, disappeared for some length of time. He was witnessed roaming the land again only some few months ago and taunted a few familiar denizens but essentially found benign. Of course some could see the signs, that there was more to his coming back than met the eye. How could anyone prepare for his inevitable rise as Eternal of Ebon Reach? Very little is known of the actual ascension, since the secrets run deeply within the darkened halls and tunnels. However, one thing is well known and that is the power of the Void.  It’s already afflicted several of the village and the Moei Asing. What remains to be seen is how exactly the Eternal wields this force. If he does so by his own accord, he may have indeed met his fate. However, if the Void instead uses him as its instrument of torment upon the land and her citizens, it’s only a matter of time before a new vessel is chosen and the terror returns to us. The question remains, will the undead return though his body seemed to be vanquished or will another rise in his place? Let us not underestimate the power of this Void, even a vile monster does not pollute its own home for long. The void rifts may be only the beginning.

-Written by Arelea, by the firsthand witness accounts of the battle.

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The unbridled convergence of malevolence – a void story.

It seems that a plague of unholy darkness is upon us. Beginning in the depths of the stone laden Ebon Reach, finally breaking its bonds and flowing upon the surface freely now. What dark ritual began this malevolence, the wretched creature could not tell me. So heavy laden with fear and weakened by the void energies he had been exposed to. I did my best to comfort him. He called himself, begotten of Yang. I asked him what business such a holy creature had in the dark depths. He told me he was curious. When daylight is upon the surface of the land and filters through the trees upon the high mountains and even the depths of the water see such vestiges of sun, there is an absence of fear and pride takes hold. Believing we are safe from what lurks below. These were his words. As a warrior, he desired to rid himself of pride, as prescribed to him by Myan Ornith, many months ago. So he decided to complete the ritual of cleansing by traveling into the darkest depths of the Reach. To show to himself true fear, to feel it and to know he could meet his match in battle. To hold that as his mantle that he might be overcome by his own self confidence. A healthy dose of humility he called it.

By his own account, three beings stood before the Void. Though he could not name it as such. I knew it by his description, a swirling vortex of darkness and intense energy. I’ve felt it myself before, in a man I cleansed of its dark influence. And in my recent encounter with a voidling. Three beings of cruel appearance stood before the void and summoned them by prayer and sacrifice. He spoke of watching them for only a few minutes before such fear and dark energy overwhelmed him that he could no longer keep his eyes open. And he could not retreat, because he had sneaked into a heavily protected dominion, locked in by a heavy stone door. So he sat there and listened to their incantations and warped words of worship and as they cast their magic upon the void to call forth doom, as he spoke of it, he screamed and prepared for his demise. Crawling away into the dark tunnels and hiding. However a great explosion and deafening boom  had drowned out his cry of agony. That’s when the story catches up to what others already know. The gloom cast over the land during the cataclysmic explosion of void energy, opened the void rifts that now hold us captive in trepidation upon this land.

The enormous rifts of untold power and influence soar skyward, a disc of enormous density spins and sheds its dark energy as thick tendrils of blackness. The area consumed by darkness as the effect spreads outward. People have reported physical corruption, delusions and fear while in close proximity to the rifts. Other effects are less tangible, but one thing seems clear, the void has torn a rift in our material plane and the energies being released upon Eyr are dark and dangerous to living creatures. We know that holy magic can slow the progress of the void rifts, even weaken them considerably. Thwarting the influence of their void energy upon the land. A final cure has yet to be found. However, a few intrepid souls are formulating a plan to end the Reach’s reign of terror. Of course, I won’t divulge that plan in case prying eyes have decided to engage in good literature. Let’s just say,  the commonly known thing about fear, is that it leads good people to do things they would not normally do. I will leave our dear readers to decide if such things are truly for our collective benefit. Or merely at the whims of a select few. 

– account written by Arelea

(ooc submitted by eiirwen)

Join us for the exciting conclusion to the “unbridled convergence of malevolence” event… the final battle: Sunday July 30th @ 5pm slt.

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A Bright Flame Is Extinguished

A fire burned tonight upon the Moei Mound, though its light paled in comparison to the lost life it symbolizes.



Ornith’s Funeral Pyre at the Moei Mound

The denizens of Eyr said goodbye to one of their own tonight; Ornith fell in a skirmish Monday night with Ebon Reach. To honor her life and memory, a pyre was constructed, and the shell that had once held the bright soul was cremated.


Ornith was many things to all of us – friend, mentor, beloved, wife, and Myan. Her calm demeanor diffused many tense moments, and her wisdom and caring oft times brought out the better side of those she spent time with.

It was hard not to like the quiet cleric, and so it is with heavy hearts that we gathered to wish her farewell.

The Moei Asing are not left completely leaderless, as Khanya Silongo and Juni Gynn will be doing their best to keep the faction going. Juni, representing the two Verdicts at the funeral, informed those gathered that she and Khanya will be filling in until Ame chooses another leader for the faction. She also issued a statement that, until further notice, anyone swearing fealty to the imp of Ebon Reach will not be welcome in Tilikambo.

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Azifix Awakens!


Azifix Called Forth in Anger

Anyone who remembers the tale of Azifix and Ohm would know better than to awaken those dragons.

The crazy lady in the tunnel – I tried to tell her that.  She claimed she was the Myan.  I don’t believe her.  Clearly an impostor as I have seen the Myan.  It was back when she was first chosen.  This woman looked nothing like her.  This fake Myan acted as if she had been sampling nightcaps, liberty caps, gold caps… something like that.   Her songs and chants were the start of it. That is what drew me into the cavern.  I could hear her chanting even as I passed by the tunnel entrance on Mt. Azifix.  Crazy she might have been but there was no lack of power in her voice.

More gathered as I tried to reason with her.  Though I could not tell you who they were. None were familiar and who as time to look around when there’s a dragon waking up?  The tunnel was shaking.  Rocks were falling.  Lava was spraying.  Brainsick lady just kept on chanting. People kept filing into the tunnel ignoring all the commotion.  This was crazy like a mystfolk party.  Only mystfolk ain’t bad crazy.  Mystfolk are good crazy..

Azifix rose.  I don’t know what else happened in the tunnel as I ran out.  Azifix was the one known for the fiery temper. Ohm, she was the more sensible of the two if you ask me. But I could hear her cries from Mt. Ohm while I was still running down the mountain.

I could see and hear Azifix’ rage as he circled the mountain.  His screams and calls went on all night long.  My herd went fleeing.  Angry dragon is a vengeful and hungry thing.  But the deed has been done.  Ohm is awake too.  We could hear her cries.  She did not take to the air as far as I could tell but there was a large blackness on the top of Mt. Ohm that moved.  I did not have to see it up close to know it is her.

clovisI am a bard and what I say is true.  I saw these things.  I shall tell the tale.

— Clovis
As recorded by Blanche Greyling

Article submitted OOCLY by Blanche Fralto
Event Info:  The Rise of the Reach (The Black Sweat Event) running January 12-20, 2017

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The Mists & Signs of things to come

These happenings are not natural, they speak of some dark magic perhaps or the ill tidings of a battle between unseen forces, the gods. Gods of misfortune clearly.  For those who have suffered from the depravity of the mists, including myself, we will suffer the scars for years to come.  The darkness that mingles with the benign vestige of a delicate fog.  The turmoil that leeches into a person’s mind.  The hunger suffered by those who answer the mists calling.  These are terrible things. Outrageous marks upon our good realm.  Upon Ame’s good people and their allies.  


I cannot say for certain, yet, what has caused these things to be.  I work on the problem diligently.  I give thanks to the Mother goddess for releasing me from slavery to the mists.  I cannot yet put into words what I felt, saw and heard in the mists and their whispering.  Perhaps I may never, for I would rather forget than to delve deeply into such darkness.  I would not pretend that there is some goodness in these strange occurrences, the red hued mists stalking the people of the realm, forcing them into servitude to feed its own hunger, or at the very least, people becoming so disillusioned from dark hallucinations that they truly believe this to be! I saw, even through the fog, fire and ice, threatening to rip apart the very land.  Lightning strikes dancing about the jungle floor, taking down trees and startling the wildlife.  The animals shrieking in horror and scattering or attacking those who dare come too close.  

I believe these things to be signs and portents of a darkness yet to come.  Turning creature against creature.  Dragons carrying off the injured, warrior attacking warrior, driders sworn to our protection becoming endangered themselves, talk of the entire village taken refuge up in the crystal and myconid caves of Mt Ohm.  Yet, this news frightened me! The mists descended from the high reaches of Mt Ohm! If the land is cleansed of its evil, it may retreat back to whence it came, leaving the villagers in grave danger.  

Yes, the cleansing came upon us.  I believe it is upon us even now.  The ice creaked, reaching out with snowy tendrils and the fire spread, scorching the land. The Mother goddess, Ame Moei, willed to no longer tolerate this scourge upon her creation.  She drew justice down upon us all.  The gods who threaten this realm will not be allowed to continue their terror upon us. Ame Moei saw the sacrifice was finished and brought upon us the cleansing rains. Right order will be restored to the land. I write this to you now that you may realize later what has happened. Be warned of the retreating flood waters and see fit to prepare yourselves for greater storms to come.

-Myan Ornith

ooc written: Eiirwen

photo credit: Blanche Fralto





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Ku’vesi Stone Healed! The Birth of Healing Waters


kuvesti-stone-event-articleThe Ku’vesi Stone is healed!  The healing powers it contains now contained and protected.  Eyr is no longer in danger!


Myan Ornith

Talisae Theodosia and Myan Ornith’s resolve to heal the Ku’vesi Stone and restore healing waters to Eyr came together Sunday.  This is a day I will long remember for I have heard the voice of the Mystfolk Stones, the roar of Ku’vari, and the voice of Yue.  And all of this amidst a whirling snowstorm in the center of the Jungle.

Ornith’s theory proved true.  Extreme cold worked to suppress Ku’vari’s magics so that the pieces could be brought together.  The healing ceremony took place within the perimeter of the Myst Mound amidst a swirl of ice and snow.  The crackling feeling of power in the air was second only to the biting cold emanating from the ice beneath my feet.

The Mystfolk spirits Delanis and Delaris accepted the offerings of blood and water. Indeed, it was their powers as foretold that worked to heal the Ku’vesi stone.  Each of the Mystfolk ancient spirits then spoke out in turn to herald the event.

“Our task is done  … the Ku’vesi Stone is whole, the pieces are one!
And now, purge the nearby pools of their mundane taint!
Make them something more, something not seen in Eyr before!
Heal those hurt in their time of need!
But first, into the pools, you must plant this stony seed!
And from the burden of misery shall they be freed!
This is what must be done, so it has been decreed.”

As the fragments boomed together, the Talisae’s eyes began to glow an icy blue  and her voice rang out with all the authority of Yue as she spoke directly to Ku’vari.  The serpent’s spirit was wound protectively about the Stone as it was bore toward the pond.


Talisae Theodosia – Yue

The great serpent roared and the air all but vibrated as Yue spoke directly to Ku’vari.

“My son, I summon you to return to your post as once before! Protect this stone and these waters from anything that may usurp its powers and its purpose.”

“Bring the injured, the pool is ready to do its bidding.”

With that final proclamation people began to move toward the ponds to test it against wounds both recent and new.  Mahan’s injuries showed much improvement though it was readily apparent the healing process did take it’s toll.

There is much to be learned of the healing pools’ strength.  A god’s gift must not be taken lightly.  We must learn how to use this gift.  But I am hopeful of the possibilities.  

~ Blanche Greyling


Ku’vesi Tears – The Healing Ponds

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

The Ku’vesi Ponds are now a resource available for players to start exploring and learning about for use.   The properties and limitations of the Healing Pond Resource are explained here:

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A Call to Arms as a Threat from the Sea Approaches

Two of the Ku’vesi stone fragments have been collected and a third travels by water toward Eyr.  How and when it shall arrive is anyone’s guess.  The only certainty is that it does approach and the feeling is that it is being borne by a fierce sea creature under its’ compulsion.  The stone fragments themselves seem to call to each other.  


Talisae Theodosia

Talisae Theodosia met with Juni, Myan Ornith, and Blanche to discuss concerns regarding the third Ku’vesi stone fragment and the warnings involving a sea creature approaching Eyr’s shores.  Ornith’s consciousness speaking through the manifestation of butterflies while the Myan’s body lies inert within the Medica.  

“We will need as much power to defeat this beast. I will also offer tribute to Yue so she may give me enough strength. We have a lot to do, my friends. Let us see it in action today. We have no time to spare.  I will give fair warning of the beasts proximity to Eyr, you can trust me in that” – Talisae Theodosia

The dire words of warning both from Myan Ornith and Talisae Theodosia mean we must go to action immediately.  Eyr citizens must be prepared for the ‘Deepers call for aid.  This danger poses a threat to us all.  It is in hopes that the Moei Asing, Stormstead and even the underground members of Ebon Reach may reach out to helpl.  For the danger is real to all of us should the stones unite without control.  Deepers patrol the waters and will let us know when we are needed.  We MUST be prepared.


Talisae Theodosia, Blanche, Juni, and Ornith-of-the-Butterflies

Gather your weapons.  Great spears and axes.  Landers should prepare their boats.  For the rest of you who can take the battle to the sea, don your armor and sharpen your weapons. The creature is large and the Talisae cautioned that the hide would be thick and the battle bloody.

Prepare for Battle!

~ Blanche Greyling


Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

Event Info:  “Legend of the Ku’vesi Stone


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Second Ku’vesi Stone Fragment Recovered!

An alligator vanquished and the second of the Ku’vesi stone fragments recovered!

Serpent dreams, journal entries, and gut instincts coalesced and drove the Asing forward on Saturday as they began to make their way toward the swamp.  Their goal:  To find and recover the missing Ku’vesi Stone fragment.  As their journey progressed through Eyr they picked up followers of all rank and race as curiosity about the stone fragments and the desire to assist rose to the fore.  Talisae Theodosia and members of Ku’vari’s Deep were waiting their arrival.

alligator-boss-fight1The alligator’s battle was fierce and the water frothy with blood and detritus from the great beast’s thrashings.  The creature continued to bellow and lash out even as as more reinforcements arrived to assist the Asing.  The swampwaters glowed red with blood and the setting sun as the final blow descended.  Relative newcomer to Eyr but no stranger to the swamp, Aundr, leaped aboard the beast and wrapped himself around to deliver the final death blow.  Himself the victim of a series of misfired arrows, Aundr stands to gain many fine pairs of boots for his efforts.

The ferocity of the battle to overtake the beast was such that several were gravely wounded, including Myan Ornith herself who remains unconscious within the Medica.  More still were wounded as the second of the Ku’vesi stone fragments was found.  The ensuing wave of energy threw many to the ground and those closest to the blast or to the Myan herself found the effects lasting.    

Myan Ornith recovers in the Medica thanks to the quick thinking actions of Dar’kuss.   The drow scooped her from the swamp and carried her to safety.  Several other drifted to the Medica for assistance but all were able to walk away after superficial treatment received.  

Talisae Theodosia is in possession of the two Ku’vesi Stone Fragments and is studying them for a solution.  Where is the third stone?  The maps indicate the water off Eyr’s shore – but who can tell.  But more importantly, the shockwave that ripped through the swamp as the fragments were brought closer together – this poses a serious problem.  How are we to bring the pieces together for healing? Should we expect similar shockwaves or even larger if the third fragment is found and brought near?  Are these things we seek going to ultimately destroy us?  

The Asing and the Deepers continue to forge ahead in the belief the stone can be brought together and healed.  We can only hope that they can solve it before this final piece of the stone is found.

-Blanche Greylingalligator-battle-4_001

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

Legend of the Ku’vesi Stone Event Info at:

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A Journal Page is Found – Talk of a Mysterious Ku’vesi Stone

Fire from the sky, portents of dark waters, a stone fragment with mysterious markings, and a journal page  from an ancient witch.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Below is an accounting from Mistress Mudbolt, the ancient witch who founded the Crone’s Eye.  This diary entry describes an encounter which may help explain the mysterious stone fragment which was found as the Asings and Deepers worked to drive back the wolf pack.   The information loosely confirms what Myan Ornith and Talisae Theodosia have uncovered.  And it appears that this fragment is just the beginning.  There may be more pieces of this stone about the island.

I present this to you out of a sense of responsibility to provide as much information as possible about what is happening around us.   Use the clues as you may and interpret how you will.

Journal Entry Page (Parchment that appeared from Grainie Mudbolt’s diary.)


Mistress Mudbolt, Founder of Crone’s Eye

I have never cared for the frivolous babble of the Merfolk.  Vain and stupid creatures.  The dying fool would have told me anything to get my help.  Babbling and wounded as she was, I gave her no heed at first.  She knew her time limited with the scent of her own blood heavy and thick in the air.  Her hair as green as the moss I was collecting.  Her eyes were a large pupiless green.  Those eyes!  How I wish I had those eyes!  My own burn and water with the knowledge of what is to come.  But my plans and fate have already been set into motion.

I don’t remember her name.  This Sea Witch.  Don’t remember if she even gave it to me.  She babbled unceasingly as I packed her wounds in seaweed, though I knew the efforts to be pointless.  I was already speculating on what use I would make of her hair and scales when she focused and grew still.  Eyes hardening she lay panting as she stared back at me.  I could feel the slow leaching of power as her illusion receded.  The last to appear were her eyes – eyes as ancient as my own.  All signs of earlier babble gone.  Her hair hung in thick plaits wrapped in seaweed and interwoven with shells etched with her serpent god runes.  These markings, as well as the scarring on arms and upper body, revealed her as a Sea Witch. One of the ancients within the Merfolk.

It was then she began to talk.  Her time was over and she already knew it.  Had seen it as surely as I had seen my own.  

kuvesi-stone-fragmentsShe called it the Sinking Stone.  Ku’vesi.  A plain grey stone worn smooth by the rasp of the serpent god’s scales.  It had lain for centuries within the serpent’s den, silently collecting and absorbing the excess energies and powers of Ku’vari. It held the powers of healing, these abilities stretching out to the waters that surrounded it.  They told a tale of how the Stone had been broken into three pieces when hurled from the ocean in a great underwater eruption.  This Sea Witch had found a fragment of this stone.  Even told me of where the remaining pieces may still lie undiscovered.  But, here’s the rub.  The Stone had been corrupted in the breaking.  The powers contained within now volatile and unpredictable.  The Stone piece she had sought to obtain had caused the very wounds which were now killing her.  I should not make this same mistake.  Though, I fear time will not allow.  

Her hate-filled eyes watched me, but I paid her no further mind.  The information was now mine, and I committed it all to memory, even as I committed it to parchment.  According to the Witch, the stone shards would glow and pulse with energies on the nights when Yue’s light drew the tides most strongly.  Those familiar with the effects of magic would feel the power in the air surrounding the Stone pieces, but even those unused to it could recognize the vibrating pulse in the air around the piece.  The old Witch’s parting words to me were of caution.  The power is wild and erratic.  I can tell by the look of her that it is the stone fragment that most likely killed her.   Interesting….

I sketched out a map of the island and dropped down shells onto the blood reddened sand to mark the possible locations.  The moon came up even as I sat studying the map and brooding over the information.  The Sea Witch’s eyes grew sightless, and the tide eventually carried her back out, but not before I had gathered her hair, claws, and scales.  For those items, I would have need as she no longer would.  The sea takes care of its own.  And now, I have work to do to complete my own plans.  But, time is short, and I will have to take care to hide my notes where my rival would not think to look.  And as for the stone fragments I have some time left.  I may be able to find one and leave it with Henry.  I laugh at the thought of a siren attempting her wiles upon him!  I shall wait for opportunity to drop this information.  See if they take the bait.  For if I am able to bend fate to my will, I will be allowed that much.  The potential is there if fools dare to try.  At least if it doesn’t kill them first.

((Map drawn at the bottom — very rough drawing showing the location of the wolf cave where the first stone fragment was found, the swamp, and the mouth of the Kuvari where it flows through the mountain from the beach. ))


Submitted ICly by Blanche Greyling

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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