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Explosions Rack the Reef – A Talisae Taken

Xae’raan Thiaroe is missing!  Her helmet being found on the ocean’s floor just minutes after a series of explosions and lights lit up both sky and waters.

Alithia Joust

Alithia, Matron of the Deep

I ventured to the beach to attend the Honor Ceremony for Alithia on Thursday.   Ceremony concluded, I chose  to remain on the beach to enjoy the ongoing festivities.   All seemed well and I was just starting to gather my things to head back to the den when a huge shadow passed overhead  At that point things started happening very fast.

A large wyvern passed directly over where I was seated on the beach.  I watched it circle a spot over the reef.  Then BOOM! A series of lights and explosions rent the air and seas around me.  The lights and noise were intense and blinding.  I fell onto the sand but when I looked up again I saw the wyvern raising into the air over the waters with a large net tangled in his talons and a wildly thrashing form inside.   All this happened very quickly.. But then even while I was watching – the wyvern and it’s bundle vanished!  As if never having been there at all.

Xae'raan Thairoe

A Talisae Missing!

I fled the area immediately but have since learned that Talisae Xae’raan has been taken!   Her helmet was found on the ocean floor and I suspect that was her struggling form I saw being carried off by the wyvern.  We have no idea if she is alive or dead at this point.  And thus far she appears to be the only one missing.   We can only hope that she still survives.

I fear that this is the work of Shalan’ti.  Several of Princess Lihen’s sailors were murdered here last month. Most bodies not recovered but the signs in evidence pointed toward an aquatic attack. The normally demure princess quite angry about it. Her Vega family heritage clearly visible as she spoke on vengeance.   Stormstead is in a tenuous position.  Kuvari’s Deep is a powerful force which we cannot afford to antagonize.  And the Shalan’ti aristocracy could make things very rough for us if we side openly with the Deepers.  We will have to use both caution and discretion as we move forward. The Talisae must be found.  Let us hope she is still alive and of sound mind.

Blanche Greyling
Stormstead Quartermaster

Submitted OOcly by Blanche Fralto
See “Shalan’ti Strikes Back” Event Info at:

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A Change in the Tides


There has been a ripple in the waves signifying a change within Eyr’s waters.  Xae’raan Thiaroe , an eel mer whose helmeted countenance has become a familiar sight within the waters has risen to the rank of Talisae within Kuvari’s Deep.  Wanton Aime and Blanche Greyling of Stormstead reached out to meet with the Talisae to negotiate passage terms for the the village’s ship, ‘Swallowed Pride.”


The ‘Swallowed Pride’

A verbal agreement has been reached between factions and safety guaranteed for the “Swallowed Pride” that should prove beneficial to both factions. The Deepers shall be entitled to first selection of up to 10% of goods arriving in Stormstead and trade goods routed for Shalan’ti.  Passenger fare will be adjusted to include 10% passage fee for those arriving or departing via the ship.

Pleasing news came as an invitation was extended


Alithia, Spear Bearer of Kuvari’s Deep

by the Talisae herself.

An honor ceremony is to be held on Thursday (Starting Thursday, March 30 @ 5PM SLT) to honor Alithia.  

The siren Alithia is a well known and loved figure to many here in Eyr.   This event will be open to any and all who wish to attend.  Talisae Xae’raan reported that breathing potions would be made available and those feeling comfortable enough might even try their hand at the jousting event following the ceremony.

Stormstead citizens are wary.  Experience has taught us this.  We have seen much treachery and unbalance.  But these first attempts at negotiation and meeting have left the council feeling cautiously optimistic about future relations.  Time will tell.

Blanche Greyling
Stormstead Quartermaster

Submitted OOcly by Blanche Fralto


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Giving of Ame Moei – Offerings Received

The Giving of Ame Moei  and Yue brought out many from the isle, including some well-known.

The following is a memoir of who attended, what they offered, and why it was offered.


Alika Kalu of the Sum’ei’ans, and Myan of the Moei Asing, offered the gift of habits to Ame Moei and to her fellow Moei Asings. As Ame Moei chose her to be Her emissary, she chose to part with a small pleasure to prove to Her of her resolve to lead…. a bag full of a dozen or more cinnamon sticks.

Matthew James Harlow, of Stormstead, of Sanctum, of The Dalelands of Faerun, presented this offering to Ame Moei — a knife, which had been with him nigh on twenty years. The knife had saved his life on countless occasions, and had seen him though many of a battle. He proclaimed he owed it his safety, and thanked Ame Moei for the chance She presented him.

Nasirah, recognized that Ame Moei is a part of all of us. Just as life can be taken, life can be given. Her bounty is our boon, but reminds all that we must remember to give back. She gave seeds as thanks to Ame Moei. As She sustains us, we must be sure to sustain Her as well, and proclaim the Blessings of Ame Moei.

Cedany Blackstone, formerly known as Frendel, of the Moei Asing, former Knight Commander of Stromness in Mystara brought an offering to Ame Moei and to Yue of fruits born by the jungle – coconuts and bananas. She thanked Ame Moei for opening her eyes and letting her be a part of Moei Asing to learn the ways of the jungle. She asked that her offering serve as unity to Mystaran and Eyrian alike and that, one day, all of us would learn balance in the jungle and be able to live peacefully. She asked that all of us learn Her way and offer respect from here on out.

Mimi Delongpre offered a basket of strawberries as a symbol of innocence, peace, and spiritual purity, though she was adamant about noting that nothing can describe the ecstasy that’s released when eating strawberries.

Drejan, Pa’das, citizen of Stormstead and matron of her own house presented seeds to Ame Moei in recompense for utilizing the trees felled in the typhoon’s fury for repairs to the village. The seeds were four Brazil nuts that held strange powers of growth dwelling within them. She has also offered a durian nut on Nagendra’s behalf, because it would so seem they are alike in many ways. Prickly and forbidding on the outside, delicious and well-meaning in the middle.

Zelis Semoran offered the gift of seeds and soil to the gods and spirits of this isle. They were from the Isle of Mystara that some, if not many of us he was sure, are from, and he had been holding as a remembrance. He now offered them up in hopes that those who do not get along so peacefully with the spirits of the new land might be looked upon with some understanding, and in hopes that this might help with that understanding.

Krastor De’Guisarme, who claimed to live in the swamp, brought an offering of undergarments. As some of us were unfamiliar with them, he was kind enough to explain. These are worn with the straps about the hips, and the ‘cup’ over the groin. They help to keep them warm and dry, and are also a good deterrent from parasites biting one in very unpleasant places. This is a token symbolizing his desire to guard things that are sacred and precious, like the jungle itself, which he now proclaims to guard with fervor as if it were an extension of his very own twig and berries. The undergarments were made of crocodile skin.

Alithia, Matriarch of the Alassi Eenii Shoal, offered  fish to the Ame Moei and the Moei Asing, in respect of their ways and in hopes of friendship. She desired that these fish help planted things thrive and flourish in this time of destruction.

Pandora had many things she could present. Only if it suits, she intended to leave the fruits of the sea for the Ame Moei and Yue, the jungle mother… in thanks for the bounty that the sea gives to the water folk who live within it. And there she left several handfuls of scallops and shelled crustaceans.

Roanmara, whom was small and young, innocent, spilled nuts upon the ground, for which Ame Moei will be pleased.

Kacy proclaimed that what he presented to Ame Moei is one of his on arrows that he crafted as a symbolism that he is devoted to Her protection, and that without Her his life is without meaning, so She is truly a cause to take up arms and depart from a pacifistic life. He proclaimed that he would continue hunting the abomination that summoned the Leviathan, and any other whom crossed his path.

 ((Written oocly by Jens Ixchel. For more information on this event click HERE.))
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