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An Evil Portent Wrapped in Void Taint

—     “I AM” was the message on the skeleton. —

 What “I Am” means and to whom is a mystery.   The skeleton stands mounted to a wooden stake in the meadow below Tilikambo.  Arms outstretched and empty eyesockets staring up toward the Asing power base, Mount Tilikambo.  The creature’s bones striated and etched without so much as a stitch or scent of flesh left on them.  Only thin white sinews holding it together.

The meadow site below Tilikambo is all the more confusing for the general chaos around it.  A makeshift perimeter barrier had been placed around the skeleton.  Broken and bent outward as if something had escaped or fled.  Nearby a tent.  Trampled grass.   Fresh bloodstains and a bloodied ax.  A meadow which has not know much unrest since the meteor landed there last year.  


Skelly Taint- without clue givers

“I Am” is the Message. 

I arrived at the site yesterday morning.  Charles appears to have arrived at the scene just prior to my arrival.  Former lich was studying the skeleton but had no opinions as to whom it could have been.  One of the many questions is whether the poor soul had been alive or dead when this happened.  These were not the bones of someone dug from the earth.  They were fresh – showing none of the porous quality normally shown as they would naturally decompose.


The feel of void taint was about the site. Charles himself who has been infected.   Felt strongest in his presence nonetheless there were traces around the skeleton itself.  Ebon Reach is at the heart of this.  If the void is involved they are at the root of it.    We would do well to seek a cleric.  One that can be trusted.  We need to gather weaponry and be prepared.  There was a feeling of discord withi the site.  The message is incomplete.  I feel there is more to come.  Check on your friends and neighbors and seek out those missing.  Pray that the skeleton is not friend or family member.  

I feel that a time of great trouble is about to befall us.  There is a mystery to be unraveled.  I sought out the Asing but none could be found.  Normally I would find Juni at the Great Tree or one of her followers.  The ceremonial fire burned in the pit but there was a feeling of emptiness… a hollowness.  The village, it too was empty when I arrived.  A few jungle elves paddled by on the river but ignored my calls to catch their attention.  Be ready.  Be prepared.  Those of us who call this home must stand together.  

Submitted by Blanche Toulley, Stormstead Quartermaster

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto


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A Call to Arms as a Threat from the Sea Approaches

Two of the Ku’vesi stone fragments have been collected and a third travels by water toward Eyr.  How and when it shall arrive is anyone’s guess.  The only certainty is that it does approach and the feeling is that it is being borne by a fierce sea creature under its’ compulsion.  The stone fragments themselves seem to call to each other.  


Talisae Theodosia

Talisae Theodosia met with Juni, Myan Ornith, and Blanche to discuss concerns regarding the third Ku’vesi stone fragment and the warnings involving a sea creature approaching Eyr’s shores.  Ornith’s consciousness speaking through the manifestation of butterflies while the Myan’s body lies inert within the Medica.  

“We will need as much power to defeat this beast. I will also offer tribute to Yue so she may give me enough strength. We have a lot to do, my friends. Let us see it in action today. We have no time to spare.  I will give fair warning of the beasts proximity to Eyr, you can trust me in that” – Talisae Theodosia

The dire words of warning both from Myan Ornith and Talisae Theodosia mean we must go to action immediately.  Eyr citizens must be prepared for the ‘Deepers call for aid.  This danger poses a threat to us all.  It is in hopes that the Moei Asing, Stormstead and even the underground members of Ebon Reach may reach out to helpl.  For the danger is real to all of us should the stones unite without control.  Deepers patrol the waters and will let us know when we are needed.  We MUST be prepared.


Talisae Theodosia, Blanche, Juni, and Ornith-of-the-Butterflies

Gather your weapons.  Great spears and axes.  Landers should prepare their boats.  For the rest of you who can take the battle to the sea, don your armor and sharpen your weapons. The creature is large and the Talisae cautioned that the hide would be thick and the battle bloody.

Prepare for Battle!

~ Blanche Greyling


Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

Event Info:  “Legend of the Ku’vesi Stone


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The Smell of the Undead

People of Eyr.  Do ye smell that stank? It be the smell of the Undead!

Mal-Stankin up the Place

This one did see a man, hooded and cloaked, on the crafting dock. A missus named Blanche was present and done been brought low by his foulness. The hooded one carried an orb, a staff, and had skulls hanging from his belt. He called out with a message fer someone named Triana. Be safe, Triana. Yon stanky one says he’ll be back fer ya.

When I got closer, he looked to have one hand as only bones left. A lovely mer was present and must have been a priestess. For her pure light drove him off into the jungle. Beware jungle natives!

Mal-Stankin up the Place-2Nna Brings in the Water_CropAnother of the lovely merfolk did call forth the waters to rock the dock. Surely he woulda been taken into the depths of the waters had he not chosen to leave. 􀀂

All I gotta say about the hooded stank is good riddance!  Get gone!  Stay gone!  Go back to dead!  Got no use for yer!


Submitted by:  Trader of Information

Submitted OOCLy by Xunfryn Revnik (Rolan)


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A Tiger Attacks! A Death in the Village

Sindali Lands on Dock

Sindali Returns!  

The legendary Sindali lives and is prowling through the jungles and threatening the peoples of Eyr!

The towering dire tiger launched an attack at the citizens attending Hand Crafted’s work party on Thursday night. The enraged feline roared out it’s challenge as it leapt to the dock sending a spray of bloodied sand, ants, and bones before it.   By the end of the evening one man lay dead and a woman lay struggling to survive.

J’veska Qyr’vezzak was the first victim of the evening.   The drow healer was brought down on the craft dock with a vicious slash and bite to the neck that nearly cost her life. Stormstead’s Governor Jil leaped into the fray, showing clear-headed battle savvy and skill with a sword.  The Governor continued to battle the beast head-on while Lyn and Blanche launched a volley of pottery at the beast until it could be turned.  Jil pursued the tiger into the jungle armed with only his sword and a reinforced chair.  Valkyrie, who had just arrived on the scene, immediately jumped to in to provide her assistance to the tiger hunt.

RIP - Wesley Holt

A tragic loss of life…

Blanche and Lyn remained to stem the tide of blood streaming from J’veska.  All might have been lost if not for the timely arrival of Merfolk Nna and Laiken.  Their healing powers and skills were the edge that J’veska needed to rally.  The bleeding was stopped and once it was pronounced safe for transport, she was taken to the Medica for recovery.  As a healer herself, J’veska will now find herself a patient for the next few days.

Sadly, not all were as fortunate.  Wesley Holt met his savage end near the Tidal Wave.  Holt was a reclusive individual.  He was rarely seen inside the village as he spent most of his time fishing.  Indeed, it appears that his journey into Stormstead that fatal night was in pursuit of fishing lore.  Several blood spattered fishing tomes were found near the remnants of the body.  A small memorial has been constructed outside of the Salty Swallow tavern. Anyone wishing to mourn the fisherman is asked to present offerings of fish. ~Preferably dried.~

Wesley Holt Memorial_001

Wesley Holt Memorial near Salty Swallow

At press time, Tailikapa of the jungle had said that he was grateful that tigers can not scratch their backs with their claws. We still have no idea what he means by that.”

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto and Jens IxChel


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The Night Cap Hosts a Ballshroom Blitz!

On Friday, December 11, the Night Cap hosted a Ballshroom Blitz, inviting anyone and everyone to don their finest clothes, along with a mask, and enjoy the bounty of its goods for free for one night only. Many took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the bounteous event, hosted by Valos and J’veska Qyr’vezzak.

Party at Night Cap - The Crowd

It is rumored some got wind of too many spores and may have shown off more than just their dancing skills, but who is to say? The room was filled with happy Eyrians enjoying the mushrooms and exotic treats.

Party at Night Cap - Gideon

Others simply watched from the sidelines, and enjoyed the raffles, which were held every hour on the hour and proved of great interest to spectators and winners alike.

Party at Night Cap - Valos and Valkyrie Asta Munthe

On the first hour, a raffle was held for a bolt of finely embroidered silk cloth imported from Shalan’ti, suitable for crafting. This prize was won by Drejan.

On the second hour, a raffle was held for a custom-made piece of weaponry, crafted by Master Blacksmith Harlow, Governor of Stormstead himself. This raffle was won by Blanche.

On the third hour, a raffle was held for a cask of fine wine which had been recovered from the depths of the sea by Prince Kenzie of the Merfolk and was won by Pandora.

The final hour and raffle was for a week of goods on the house of the nightcap, and enjoyment of these wares free of charge.  This raffle prize went to winner Alika Kalu.

The party ended with a grand finale as the walls seemed to pulse with life. Some guests held their breath and high-tailed it out, while others seemed happy to take the opportunity to get in one last good high for the night. Either way, the party was clearly a grand success.

— by Darsha, the one who sees.


((Written oocly by Astrid de Manyet (Portia Swords) – character of Pandora using a pen name. For more information on this event, click HERE.))


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