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An Attack on the Tavern! Boobette Near Death

BoobetteBoobette was found severely beaten the victim of attempted strangulation.   Her poorly abused body had been stuffed inside the hollowed out remains of a dolphin’s corpse.  Blood once again soaks into the tavern floor. 

The bar wench and former Stormstead Mayor contender remains in serious condition under the watchful eye of the Master Healer, Hope.  Boobette has not yet awoken to point to a perpetrator but we are hopeful that this will happen soon.  Boobette is a well known and well loved member of the Stormstead Community.  This act that was carried out against her and the poor sea creature was an overt act of aggression.  Not only against one of our own but in a place known to be a welcoming gathering place and open to all.  

Suspicions mount and citizens are urged to be on their guard.  This act along with the horrific and ominous happenings near the Mystfolk Mound call for action. 

Boobette is an open and kind-hearted woman, not known to withhold her affections for anyone. The macabre scene and how the poor wench had been abused so poorly was horrific.  It sends a clear message of a twisted mind or one that has been twisted with dark void magics.   If her body had not been discovered behind the bar, she would have died there.   We send thanks to Hope, Nia, and Voskil for their work in discovering and escorting Stormstead’s favorite tavern wench to the Medica for recovery and treatment. 

I would urge you to remain vigilant and carry your weaponry. Be wary and on guard for suspicious behavior and watchful of strangers.  Whoever did this used the poor wench has a twisted nature.  It could indeed even be someone that walks among us. Citizens use caution!

Submitted by Blanche Toulley, Stormstead Quartermaster

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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Stormstead Declares Jil as Governor

Stormstead has claimed a new Governor.   Jil, the eleven diplomat from Mystara lead the race and has selected his Council.  Wanton Aime, Valkyrie Aste Munthe, Gideon, and – the surprise nominee for council – Jens IxChel.  Jens remained unseen, though voiced his acceptance for the position through a powerful inky fog which appeared within the tavern.

This evening, Wanton entranced the village with words of Stormstead history’s past before inviting the candidates to give their speeches.

The following is an account of speeches given. While they are as verbatim as possible, some things may have been changed or altered out of failure of the mind to recall the spoken words perfectly.

Stormstead Candidates

Governor Candidates Gideon, Jil, and Ceallach Heavenmyst

Boobette:  Boobette was first to giver her own, but it seemed she was a bit under prepared.   As she scrambled to improvise a speech on-the-spot, she claimed she was running for the position of “Boobette.”  Upon realizing her flub, she then belatedly corrected it to ‘Governor.’  She declared her desire to win and encouraged Stormstead to vote for her.”  

Pester:  Pester followed with… his usual eloquent self.  He said he sometimes goes by One-Eye and that he was running for governor, because the position should be his. He explains he has been here in Eyr to have seen it all; enduring all kinds of troubles, including terrible storms and clashes with the natives.  He enjoys the pretty ladies and finds days without them the worst. Stormstead is great to him, and Pester holds experience and Knowledge. He wanted to make a law where pretty ladies can not wear much clothing and enjoys the thought of pardons being discussed on his lap – much to the distress of many of those present.

Gideon:  Gideon apparently was unable to speak and Blanche read his words for him.  Due to his injuries, Gideon had to concede his candidacy for village governor. He admits he can not speak or hear, and he questions whether he will be able to adapt or regain these abilities.  He chose to drop out of the race for the betterment of Stormstead. He thanked any who have voted for him, but asked that they recast their votes for another candidate that would give the best protection of interests for the village. He implored we have to stay vigilant, protect the borders, and ensure the people remain fed while maintaining high morale. He reminds us that there are others that will seek us harm and we should keep an eye out.

Jil:  Jil hails from a kingdom far away and gone in the myst. A place where others have came from. He served the royal families and held a title of Knight and Ambassador. He is experienced in politics and village affairs. He thinks this will aid him as a strong leader. He is loyal and dedicated and only left his old place and his duties there because the lands are no more. He pledged that he will now give his dedication and loyalty to any of Stormstead regardless of age, social standing, or race. That his hands, heart, and soul will be utilized to better the village in order for it to prosper and thrive.

Ceallach Heavenmyst:  Ceallach Heavenmyst found running for Governor as an opportunity to better the land. He asked that no one judge him too quickly, and listed his life experiences. He has trained in the art of blacksmith—taking time to learn how to use the weapons he creates. He has lived a long life, performed as a guard before, and played roles as leader and general of a vast army. He once held the title of Taren in an elven kingdom, though was met with bad times in his prime. He had been involved in many wars and will do the same if a time comes to take up arms especially in defense of Stormstead. He wants to build the village.  Make allies where we can, especially since the village struggles with natives and wrongdoers all the time. Ceallach has kept his word and has joined the Stormstead guards to protect the village and each and every one in it. He works hard to rebuild the guard house that recently burned down. Ceallach is here when we need him, and offers an ear to those needing it most. Even if he is not elected Governor, he vows to make the village proud.

At the end of the speeches, the votes were collected and totaled. While it became clear it was a very close race between Ceallach and Jil, Jil was the one that became elected as the new Governor.

The newly elected Governor Jil stated that he wishes to make Stormstead feel like a home. That he will focus on companionship, acceptance and friendship in times of war and peace. He said Stormstead will stand strong against the invaders and anyone seeking wrong. That Stormstead will weather nature. He intends for Stormstead to prosper as a community and stand firm against any adversary. He proclaims this is a new age with new traditions for Stormstead and called forth a council from a book. One which is said to hold past deeds of those of Stormstead. He intends the council to be a pillar, and foundation of regrowth. That they will help advise, support and offer aid. The council is meant to always work towards the betterment of the town and its people.

Stormstead’s Council is Chosen:

  • Wanton Aime was called upon as being one of Stormstead’s most supportive members. His ownership of the Salty Swallow helps aid in being one of the first locations many will meet at when arriving to the village. He has aided in conducting assemblies and offering much needed knowledge. 
  • Valkyrie Aste Munthe was called upon as the Captain of the Guards. One that is experience and wise in the nature of law. Her voice is valued on the council.   The Guard Captain recently suffered an attack on the guard house due to her dedication. 
  • Gideon was called upon to serve on the Stormstead council. His campaign for governor was a grand one, revealing all the things that makes Gideon, Gideon. He chose to wear no mask nor hide that he is a demon. He is honest and hardworking. He has risked much for Stormstead already and will no doubt continue to do so. 
  • Jens Ixchel.  Lastly – and most alarmingly to some of those present – The Shadow Prince – Jens IxChel, someone unknown and previously believed to be far away in Shalan’ti – was called and asked to serve upon the council.    A great shadow fog swirled into existence within the tavern and Jens’ voice sounded from within it.  There was no visible signs of the entity himself, though the voice was clearly recognized by Blanche Greyling.  Nothing was really said of Jens’ service to Stormstead, only his deeds of old. It was even stated that possibly due to his close workings with Harlow back in Mystara, it was hinted that his actions here may have remained secretive and unknown thus far.   The citizens of Stormstead shall soon find out.  


((Written by Jens.Ixchel))




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Another Stormstead Governor Candidate!

Stormstead had another interested candidate step forward to put in her quest for Governor.  Boobette the well-renouned barmade from the Royal Oak is a former Mystaran who has made her stately way to Eyr.  Boobette submitted the following entry:


BoobetteBoobette:  Iz wantd 2 giv shout out 2 Stormstead 2 let u guyz knoe dat Iz will bees runnin 4 Governor! Iz luv dis villaeg, though not as mutch as Iz lovd Stromness. Wanton iz great, teh Salty Swallow iz great, but Iz kind ov mis teh Royal Oaks, Srsly . Iz luv serving u guyz! Iz wantz 2 continue 2 doez so. an u knoe Iz wud nevr leef poor child thirsty! But instead ov serving drinks an food, Iz thot 2 myself, Boobetet, u shud bees Governor! How cool wud dat bees? Than Iz can serev u all! It will bees lot ov fun. Iz rly wantz 2 doez somefin gud 4 teh wurld. brin peaec 2 teh jungel, Srsly . Iz real gud wif ppl, an Iz gud wif handling multipel taskz at onec providd dat fier isnt involvd, Srsly . Or anyfin ov any real value. doez not ask meh bout tings wif numberz an calculations though, Iz will haz 2 git Wanton 2 halp meh wif does tings! o Iz jus luv evryoen in Stormstead! u guyz shud voet 4 meh!

Submitted OOCly by Jen IxChel on behalf of Boobette


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