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Back Alley Bazaar

Back Alley Bazaar
Friday, July 8, starting at 6:00PM SLT

Back Alley BazaarAwake… Open your eyes.  Hidden within the depths of Ebon Reach, the Back Alley will come alive again.  A place where everyone is free to seek out their little sick heart’s content.   All are welcomed – and in a place where there no one is judged by some notion of social acceptibility…

Merchants and traders wanted to set up shop — especially for those whom come bearing wears that would not be normally displayed in public eye.

((to join as a merchant/trader, please contact Jens.IxChel!))


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A Letter Preceading an Important Step



Jens Before the Void

“I did not mean to harass or push, but it had been of some manner of great consequences to come by the answer to which I sought. It is rather amazing just how mention of it aroused quite great resentment within others to the point to shut down the legitimacy of the question to which I genuinely sought an answer to. Asking a multitude of people, I hardly received anything that was remotely a straight answer – leaving everything in jagged shadows .. pieces to which one has to pick up and hope the edges come to fit.

As I can not rely on the answers received from the multitudes inquired from, I have only my own eyes to trust—and quite honestly that is the way to which I prefer. I am no longer sure if people had given me a seemingly sounding straight answer that did not suit what I had thought that I would have easily been lead to believe the words to which they spoke. I know what I saw within eyes that can see color, can see shapes, can see images, and can in-fact observe.”

The Void Painting

One of the Paintings of “Prophecy” Before it was Destroyed by the Moei Asing

“If these paintings were herald as predictions of a future to come then whom am I to deny what was painted across the canvas. Ornith of the Moei Asing has shown a course of fear – but I do not fear. Not in the way she does. The future is something to be embraced. The future is something to change, and mold, and shape if one despises what is depicted before them- it is NOT meant to simply be erased, to be cleansed.. to bury behind smeared and stained images of hasty hands seeking desperately to block out what was predicted.

I saw myself.. I looked upon the void—well the painting of the void—and I saw myself. Bits and pieces, flickering distorted images.. but enough to know that what my eyes beheld was glimpses of myself. No one confirmed differently… Shadowy shapes. Bits and pieces unable to be placed together- fading in and out of focus. I am the prince of the shadows. And this shadowy figure could be none other than myself.

A staggering prospective if one ever sought to confuse an image fading away to one fading into focus. I am not foolish, I am not ignorant, I am not blind. I know what power lies beyond the void. I know what power is the void. But this painting was not an image of me disappearing for all of time within it, but one of me stepping forward from the depths of it. A return. A dangerous think to bank on an assumption, but I have reason to believe that this is what was ‘prophesized’.

All the same, if I prove incorrect in my theory—consider this a farewell. To all those I have wronged, ha. To all those I will wrong by not returning, well then.. you likely knew the potential consequences of seeking to linger near one branded by the shadows. This is about as best of an ‘apology’ as I can subscribe to paper. Make do with it as you see fit.

To Stormstead, well. Hm. I am sure the council shall hold itself well even within my absence. Life will find a way. Stormstead stands.

There is one more thing that I would like to take a moment pause to mention, I do not so fool heartedly toss myself into the void without having left behind certain.. things.. in place that can help secure my return back to the realm. These things lie within the possession of one, Blanche. Though I would imagine that in order for her to make use of such she would need to stand before the void once more herself and overcome her own terror of it to stretch out a hand and grab me out from within. I will be waiting, Blanche… I trust that you will not disappoint me.

I will not delay in this task, I shall not place it aside. The time of the future is now, and shall begin this Friday as the sun just begins to dip and cast long shadows across the land.. this is my time.

~Jens, Prince of Shadows”

OOC Info:
Article and first image supplied and by Jens Ixchel
Second Image supplied by Blanche Fralto

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A Special Invitation from Ebon Reach

Ebon Reach and the Night Cap reaches out to offer an evening of long awaited and welcome entertainment!  



~No Limits~  Imagine the Possibilities!

“Up in Smoke” will be held on Monday, June 6 at 6 past the noon sun (6:00PM SLT).   This will be a civilized event hosted by gentlemen and for gentleman.  We would offer nothing else to our friends of the island.  Ladies, of course, are always welcome – for what better way to grace a table and bring luck to an event?  


Friendly wagers, spirited dicing, and an open bar to offer all the delights that the Night Cap is capable of producing.  We set no limits because there are none.  “Up in Smoke” offers something for everyone.  

Come one and come all for we do hope to see you there.


Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto
See Event Forum at:


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Back Alley Merchant Bazaar


Submitted OOCly by Jens IxChel

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A Citizen’s Cry to Put an End to Ebon Reach

Image of a Scroll Bag

Editorial Corner

As a citizen of Stormstead I am frustrated and furious.  I want the dead to stay dead.  I want them deader.  I want the Reachers to crawl back in their hole and become victims to the Void they worship. I want to twist the undead inside out and upside down to spill out their innards to become fertilizer at my feet.  Then I want to spit on the remains before setting it all on fire.  And right now I would I would give everything I own to see that happen. I am not alone in these wishes.   Any Villager who has been here more than a week wants the same thing.

Stormstead village has been victimized yet again.  Valkyrie has been taken hostage suffering who knows what sorts of torture.   Amara Hendry remains in the Medica struggling for breath with damaged lungs. For what?  The Reach’s purpose unknown though the guardhouse appears to be the target.  Weaponry theft?  I think not.    They have more weapons at their disposal than we could hope to put together.   They wield spells, spiders and serpents with apparent impunity.  And now they have swords that emit toxins that damage our lungs and render us helpless and at their disposal.  The dead are using to target the living.  How do we fight this?  They are dead already which makes them impervious to most anything I can do.   

Our blood has been spilled and taken against our will and for evil purposes.  Our citizens have been attacked, poisoned, trapped, kidnapped, tortured, and held hostage.  Our own Governor became a victim to one of their pit traps not once but twice.  We have lost weapons and supplies.  Our Medica was sacked.  For what?  The dead have no need of healing.  It was a needless theft and destruction of items we work so hard to obtain and create.  But above all – we have lost lives.  At least one has died at the hands of Ebon Reach during the time I have been here.  Many more I’m sure I will never know about.  I wonder how many skeletons lie in those tunnels?

We know the names of at least two of the Lich villains.  Hikari and Malorum.  We know also know of a drider was involved in this last raid and a helmeted figure that has been recognized as being in the village before.  From here on out I believe we fire first and ask questions later.  Burn them.  That is one of the few avenues open.  At least if burned it takes them overnight to respawn.  Burn them and then take their tunnels.  

Every Villager needs to stand ready.  If you even suspect someone is of the Reach – raise the alarm.  Carry your weaponry with you at all times.  Don’t ask, don’t question, don’t hesitate.  Make the first strike against them count as it may be the only chance you get.  They are powerful.  We need to be more aggressive.  We need to make this vermin scuttle back beneath the ground where they belong.   They are already dead.  Now is the time to bury them.


Submitted by Mousey Brown

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Ebon Reach Attacks Guardhouse – Valkyrie Taken!


Hikari, Mastermind Behind Attack

The Village of Stormstead suffered yet another attack by Ebon Reach on Monday night.   The night erupted in cries for help as Amara Hendry fled the guardhouse covered in  webbing and coughing from seared lungs due to toxic gasses. 

The guardhouse was attacked.  A sword was stuck through the floorboards which emitted a gas. “It was an attack led by Hikari. The Drider tricked us with him, backed up by the Undead warrior seen about before.”  When questioned further about the warrior, Amara had this to say:  “I believe it was the same person, yes. I remember that person who came in smelling like death to the Medica. It was the same.”

Hikari, who is also known as ‘Master of the Void’ is known for his torments and attacks and is well known within the village.  It is believed he wielded the sword emitting the toxins and was also the one to attack the Guard Captain, Valkyrie.     


Valkyrie Taken as Hostage

The damage to her lungs proved her undoing and the hapless Amara became the drider’s victim.  Lungs damaged and coughing from the poisonous gas, she was captured and spun into a cocoon.  Thus powerless she was threatened with death which resulted in Valkyrie’s selfless surrender to save the woman.  

As of this evening, the bard remains in the Medica.  She is improving slowly but steadily.  Her lungs taking most of the damage she remains weak and under the care of the healers.

Valkyrie is vanished.  Assumed that she has been escorted to the depths of Ebon Reach where more treachery and misery awaits.  We have to get her back.  We have to stop this.

What is Stormstead to do against the onslaught of evil?  All citizens are called upon to use caution.  Carry weapons with you at all times and be on the lookout for a drider whose name remains unknown, and Hikari.   Do not attempt retribution on your own – if seen call out immediately and gather help.   We need our Guard Captain back.  Hopefully that can be arranged.


Submitted by Blanche Greyling
OOC Submission by Blanche Fralto



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Crone’s Eye Magic Show Reveals a Monster-In-Hiding

Mal Dead

Mal – at the scene of his ‘first’ death in the Night Cap several months ago.

Sunday’s Magical Dual sponsored by the Crone’s Eye turned out to be a surprise in more ways than one.  Braeden, the Manager of the magic shop and known to many was revealed as none other than Malorum, the Lich and known denizen of Ebon Reach.   With the first spell cast, Braeden/Mal showed a marked physical deterioration.  A swarm of locusts burst forth from his mouth to attack his opponent which confirmed his identity to anyone that knew him.  The Lich seems fond of his locust pets.  His physical deterioration was rapid at this point, his skin and organs sloughing off to reveal the monster beneath.  Mal returns once again having hidden and working amongst us while disguised as Braeden.

Mal’s return triggered chaos at the magical contest.  His magical opponent fled the scene covered with locusts and shrieking in fear.  Shouting and confusion reigned for several moments as enraged citizens realized  Braeden’s true identity.  Once again the citizens of Eyr had been duped by the duplicity of Ebon Reach.  Arakaki Arashitori, bravely stepped forward to battle the Lich for the last round of the competition.  The duel was closely matched and fraught with tension but luck ran with the Lich and Mal emerged victorious.   

Contestants for the day’s event included Arakaki Arashitori, Blanche Greyling, and the Mer Cleric, Kel’iah.  

We all need to be alert and ever watchful.  How knows how many more of the evil branch of undead are roaming about the Village docks.  How many are Ebon Reach spies?  Be watchful Stormstead.  Ebon Reach spies are amongst us.

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Royalty Enters the Frontier


Kaija of House Naijujai

The soft slither of silk whispering along the caverns of Ebon Reach is the only indication of approach.  But that is all that it takes for the denizens of the cave system to set up and take notice.  There is an air of fear and respect from the ‘Reachers who hurry to make themselves look busy.   She is rumored to be a Princess.  She is known to be a powerful Mage.   Those who have crossed her?  Well, we have yet to find one.

 Welcome Kaija of House Naijujai.  
All hail the Eternal Sonjat Tan (Honorable Princess).

Her smooth spoken tones denote Shalant’i royalty and add weight to the rumor that Kaija’s Father was the Scion of House Naijujai –  the heir to the throne of the Shalan Empire who was exiled over 1000 years ago.  Her racial features add to the persona – showing a mix of human, celestial, and high elf like so many of the great houses of Shalan.  Tall and thin, pale skin and black eyes, her high-elf features stand out most prominent.  Her age would appear 30-40 but her eyes reflect age, wisdom, and of cunning patience far beyond that of physical appearance.

The Sonjat Tan arrived in Stormstead after attempting to rally an armed rebellion in Shalan’ti to end the civil war.  Her purpose to rally support here on the frontier to help her reclaim her Father’s rightful throne as Empress.   House Naijujai remains as one of the noble ruling houses within the city but the family itself remains secretive of internal workings.  Kaija has been seen entering and exiting Reach caverns and walking about Stormstead itself.  Her timing is impeccably opportune as the Watcher has disappeared leaving a ‘void’ in the Ebon Reach Cabal.   Was the arrival happenstance or calculated?  Is the Empress seeking to add ‘Eternal’ to her title?  Some whisper that this has already been done.

All hail the Eternal Sonjat Tan, Empress, and Eternal.  

Article submitted anonymously.
(Article written by Blanche Fralto in collaboration with Sykirra Nadezda)

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Strike While the Metal is Hot!


The Molten Crucible is open for business and looking for able bodies to staff the forge. Do you enjoy working metal, glass, jewelry, or crafting magical goods? Look no further than the finest forge in all of the islands, matched only by the Shalan’ti in resources. Come on down to The Back Alley under the volcano, where the heart of the earth glows as hot as the furious belly of Azifix, forging many goods ranging from the keenest of blades to the most intricate of glass vases. Perks of working include discounted goods, free upkeep for regular weapons and armor, and free hands on training for various crafts. Those working at the crucible may hold one, or multiple roles, such as a blacksmith who is also an artificer.

Positions include:

Crucible Blacksmith. A blacksmith, as the name implies, deals with iron and steel primarily. However, blacksmiths of The Molten Crucible should be knowledgeable in working other common materials such as copper, tin, bronze, silver, and gold. They may or may not know how to work more advanced metals, though those are likely to be seen to personally by the Forgemaster or the Foreman.

Crucible Gaffer. A gaffer does not work with metals, but glass. Known by the more common layman’s term of glassblower, a gaffer is expected to be adept at the blowing and shaping of glass. It is rumored that some glassblowers may have the ability to work with certain crystals as well.

Crucible Finesmith. A jeweler is one who works on intricate pieces, usually jewelry made of pricier metals such as silver and gold. A jeweler may also be called upon to work with more intricate details of an item such as engraving and other fine tasks unbefitting of the calloused and strong hands of a blacksmith.

Crucible Artificer: Worker who specializes in creating / crafting weapons / artifacts / items to be magically imbued. This may mean dealing with specialist materials or using a ritual approach alongside the physical crafting to make the finished item more attuned to magic.

For those who do well in the business, are active, and learn all facets of business that The Molten Crucible deals with, the position of Foreman is available. There is only one position for this role at the moment. The Foreman is adept in the day to day operations of The Molten Crucible. They act as a manager in the event the Forgemaster is unavailable. A Foreman does not suffer fools lightly, and is quick to ensure the proper order of the forge. The Foreman must have at least a general knowledge of all workings of the business in order to properly direct employees.

Please stop by The Molten Crucible for any inquiries. I would be glad to help anyone who wishes to join, or those who would like to commission a piece, no questions asked as long as you have the funds. We are located in The Back Alley under the volcano, next to The Booty Hole, also known as the stone giant ruins.

( Hikari in disguise. Tenmeihikari.resident )


((An application to work for the Molten Crucible may be filled out HERE.)

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Brawlers Test their Mettle at the Ebon Reach Pit Fights

Valorvir and Botis, Pit Lord of Ebon Reach, hosted the first Back Ally Brawl on Saturday, December 5th where fighters came to test their mettle, and perhaps settle personal vendettas, against one another. Shady merchants were seen peddling wares in dark corners and even Wanton Aime of the Salty Swallow served up drinks to spectators who came to quench their thirst for more than blood.

Botis at the Pitfights - Mysts of Eyr

The first fight was a contest of skin on skin between Krastor and Cedany Blackstone and seemed to be of significance beyond just the battering of fists in the pit. The brawlers punctuated their punches with words as well as knuckles, and Cedany left the pit victorious.

Krastor and Cedany at the Pitfights - Mysts of Eyr

The second fight between J’veska and Pandora seemed evenly matched, despite the siren’s initial slip in the pits, causing self injury. That is until Pandora distracted herself to dine on the blood she’d drawn from J’veska and took a kick to the head that easily ended the fight. J’veska chalked this fight up for a win.

J'veska and Pandora at the Pitfights - Mysts of Eyr

This reporter regrets missing the details of the third and final fight, however second hand reports indicate that two fighters — namely one StarGirl and one Daniel Graves — faced off in the pits. Daniel Graves was victorious with the only critical hit of the night, possibly making for the most brutal of the three wins.

The event was certainly a success, with the crowd watching in anticipation for blows and bloodshed from the sidelines. One can certainly hope there will be future brawls in the Pits.

— by Darsha, the one who sees.


((Written oocly by Astrid de Manyet (Portia Swords) – character of Pandora using a pen name. For more information on this event, click HERE.))

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