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A Tiger Attacks! A Death in the Village

Sindali Lands on Dock

Sindali Returns!  

The legendary Sindali lives and is prowling through the jungles and threatening the peoples of Eyr!

The towering dire tiger launched an attack at the citizens attending Hand Crafted’s work party on Thursday night. The enraged feline roared out it’s challenge as it leapt to the dock sending a spray of bloodied sand, ants, and bones before it.   By the end of the evening one man lay dead and a woman lay struggling to survive.

J’veska Qyr’vezzak was the first victim of the evening.   The drow healer was brought down on the craft dock with a vicious slash and bite to the neck that nearly cost her life. Stormstead’s Governor Jil leaped into the fray, showing clear-headed battle savvy and skill with a sword.  The Governor continued to battle the beast head-on while Lyn and Blanche launched a volley of pottery at the beast until it could be turned.  Jil pursued the tiger into the jungle armed with only his sword and a reinforced chair.  Valkyrie, who had just arrived on the scene, immediately jumped to in to provide her assistance to the tiger hunt.

RIP - Wesley Holt

A tragic loss of life…

Blanche and Lyn remained to stem the tide of blood streaming from J’veska.  All might have been lost if not for the timely arrival of Merfolk Nna and Laiken.  Their healing powers and skills were the edge that J’veska needed to rally.  The bleeding was stopped and once it was pronounced safe for transport, she was taken to the Medica for recovery.  As a healer herself, J’veska will now find herself a patient for the next few days.

Sadly, not all were as fortunate.  Wesley Holt met his savage end near the Tidal Wave.  Holt was a reclusive individual.  He was rarely seen inside the village as he spent most of his time fishing.  Indeed, it appears that his journey into Stormstead that fatal night was in pursuit of fishing lore.  Several blood spattered fishing tomes were found near the remnants of the body.  A small memorial has been constructed outside of the Salty Swallow tavern. Anyone wishing to mourn the fisherman is asked to present offerings of fish. ~Preferably dried.~

Wesley Holt Memorial_001

Wesley Holt Memorial near Salty Swallow

At press time, Tailikapa of the jungle had said that he was grateful that tigers can not scratch their backs with their claws. We still have no idea what he means by that.”

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto and Jens IxChel


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