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The First Stone Tablet

The stone giant began to pile together the pieces of ancient stone. From ruins of long ago. And it would finally construct a sort of temple ruin. Back and forth upon the clearing of the Moei Asing, Ornith’s field. Near the Kuvari and the Kuvessi stone healing pond. Back and forth it would lumber and rumble its warnings.  That the stones were broken and must be repaired. That they sorrowed and lament over the Great Tree because it has been harmed. Such talk about darkness falling and the stones require repair. The balance… must be repaired.  

Rauth K’ylan, the stone giant, was slow and hard at work under water. It continued to hum and spark. It was a brilliant light that shot up and out of the water, cascading into the sky only so far before it would break apart and fall over the water as so many millions of fire flies.  Embers that died and fizzled into the water.  A great billowing bubble shot to the surface and broke hard and a sort of groan escaped it. Otherwise silence until sometime later the large hands of the stone giant broke the surface of the water and grasped at the rocks of the shore line. Then it’s head breached the surface, spilling a great wash of water up over the surface and out into the field. “RRAAAAAOOOORRWRWWRRR” A loud and booming sound of utter frustration and desperation came forth from the stone giant as he climbed back to shore. Falling silent and simply staring at the stone ruins once more. 

Just staring.  And still. So still. He’d start to moan like a very deep rumbling in actual rock. They milled about him, Wanton Aime, a rather large dragon and Keth of the Moei Asing. And once the satyr spoke of crashing planes – a curious reference to the void rifts let loose upon the realm by the Ebon Reach – he’d let loose another terrible warbling bellow. “CURSE THE DARKNESS CURSE AND THE BROKEN MUST BE FIXED”.  He lumbered forward again and stood right among the ruins.  He’d touch his hand to them and at the same time tiny splinters would appear upon his stone skin and upon the rock he touched. 

The stone giant continues his digging… or… forming… not really clear what he was doing with the rocks and his own rocky skin. But something was being fashioned.  A stone tablet of sorts.  And then he’d begin to write upon it. Or… the impressions would appear as though the etched stone sunk into the solid rock, not chiseled into it. As though the very stone were living.  For a time, he would groan and ‘write’ and soon fashioned something upon the stone tablet. He heard them talking. All the talking.  Yet, these creatures… were in their own way … useful to the stone’s own purpose. “REDEMPTION!” He bellowed in some sort of sorrowful rock accent, right as Keth spoke of what had happened to Tilikambo. Clearly the stone giant was not happy about that.  Solitary creatures, these stone giants, but they had a mission. And this one ached to fulfill it.  He backed away a step and stared at the stone tablet… as though perhaps proof reading it for spelling error… and then he would simply turn and lumber away… not stopping at all for anyone or anything. 

And so the mystery of the stone giants presence and their strange language continues. Why are they here and what do they want? 

-Su’mei’an of the Moei Asing and witness to these events

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Stone Giants Sighted! A Deadline Delivered.

Stone Giants sighted in the caverns of Ebon Reach!

It was the gigantic pot-sized holes that made me curious.  Of course ratfolk are notoriously curious but I am even more so than most.  I think it comes from my Mom’s side.  She’s gone now.  She climbed aboard a pirate ship last year to have a look around when it went KaBOOM!   I’m happy she got to fly as she always wanted to.  But I still miss her.

But I’m wandering.  Rats do that too.

I saw Stone Giants!  Two of them.  Big as elephants!  Their hands bigger than my whole body!  And LOUD.  Hooey… loud.


Stone Giants temporarily activated Athenaeum in Ebon Reach



That was the message delivered by the two Giants that followed the Imp into Ebon Reach.  And apparently we got to hurry.  I’m not exactly what it all means but I got my ideas.  But we only have three days to do that to try to avert catastrophe.  Giants gonna try to fix the monoliths that showed up after the last storm.  I didn’t even know they were broke.  But healing is dependent upon the power of the ley lines.  They said there would be signs of where to meet them when they start the healing and hopefully avoid this catastrophe.  I don’t know what sort of catastrophe they are talking about but I keep having visions of Momma’s ship.  KaBOOM!


Rat’s Eye View from Hidden Rafter

I watched the whole thing last night.  From the time the Giants crashed through the tunnel following that Imp til the time they left.  Lucky – I think his name is Lucky and he is just as his name.  I thought for sure when I first saw him leading the two Giants they were chasing him down to stomp him.   But he is quick.  And from the way he danced in after them to try to read the flashing lights I think must have a bit of rat in his background.  He is curious.  I will have to ask him.

When the day comes, I’m going to have my eyes peeled for signs.  The Giants said that there would be signs for people to follow to where the healing will take place.   I’ve gathered with my ratfolk kin and we are collecting objects imbued with power to feed to the lines.  Going to do our part.

So I’ve done my duty and told of what I saw.  Written down proper as I learned to do while living beneath the Title Wave.  I’m going to continue to watch the Stone Giants.   If you’re watching them too you might see me.  But then again you might not.  Rats are sneaky that way.


Vigil, Lucky, and Rue in Ebon Discussing the Ley Lines and their tie-in t0 the Monoliths

Submitted ICly by “Shovel”  A spying swamp rat.
Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

Final Healing Event on Sunday, December 18 at 6-8PM!  The Monoliths will go ‘live.’

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