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Raiding Party Attacks Stormstead!

Raiders descended upon Stormstead, hitting up both sides of the River a few nights past. They demanded goods, coins… whatever they could take and were willing to fight to get it. Their targets the Salty Swallow, Gnome Depot, Title Wave, and Medica.

On the east swantedposteride of the Kuvari, beginning at the Salty Swallow Tavern, a mysterious woman with reddish hair threatened the barmaid Boobette. She robbed a poor bystander named Belias of some of his gold, but he seemed unphased! She was about to run off when her companion, another masked female with a voice like a witch stumbled into the Tavern. This new female came from the Medica, planning to steal some supplies. However, she only came with two parcels of herbs and supplies. She apparently failed the robbery for two reasons – she fell and stumbled horribly during her escape, and Mother of Hope told her that she was free to take the supplies.

The Salty Swallow Raiders lingered at the tavern and conversed for some time.After which time they ran off, disappearing into the darkness of the jungle.

Meanwhile, on the west side of the Kuvari a juggling madman and a dagger-carrying masked thief swept onto the dock near the Title Wave. The Juggler was wielding wielding alchemist weapons of stink, flame, and caustic chemicals. Sides of the buildings and pathways are scored with the potions. The poisons and stink of which still remain in those areas hit the hardest.

Lilith, bookkeeper of the Title Wave, Schel, an Aarakocra visiting the bookstore, and Blanche Greyling of the Craft Dock were caught quite by surprise. Chaos reigned for a time. Lilith battled bravely with her books and magics. Even the bookstore’s cat, Bob, leaped into the fray. Schel was engaged trying to pull Blanche to safety. Everyone suffered injuries. Lilith and Schel both fell victim to the Dagger Bandit. Blanche brought down by the Juggler’s fist.. But luck was with them. During the heat of the battle the craft mistress reverted to her wolf form. The Dagger Bandit was sent plunging into the Kuvari and the Juggler, was bitten and tossed off the edge of the dock. It is believed the Dagger Bandit may have succumbed to sharks. The Juggler, unfortunately, was not found.

Schel and Twaxar Karkeaht were both tended by Mother of Hope who stepped forward to help those wounded in the attacks. Lilith was then taken by Schel back to the nest for healing while Twaxar made it to the Medica.

What does all this mean? More stirrings from the Reach? As far as this reporter knows, none of the establishments outside of Stormstead Village were targeted for raid.. Who is leading these raiders and where are they hiding? And of the items they steal, where is it being taken? Distributed? Who are they supplying? Something tells me we’ve not seen the last of them. Stormstead must prepare. Gather reinforcements and weaponry. Tough times are ahead.

Submitted ICLY by Anonymous Tavern Witnesses


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Thieves Return to Stormstead Village

Once again it seems a thief or thieves are operating within Stormstead Village.  The Salty Swallow reported items missing and broken from inventory and Hand Crafted representatives stepped forward with much the same findings.

Both scenes appeared as if done in a hurried fashion with breakage.  The items taken valuable as the trade ship not yet having completed it’s first run and goods remaining in short supply.

Clues were left, however, in blood spore which was left in the plank flooring.  Samples were collected.  The Stormstead council now reaches out to those who may be able to read the sample or trace the source.  Volunteers may contact employees at either the tavern or craft dock.  Please keep in mind that proof of abilities may be required.

stormstead-village_001-Blanche Greyling

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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Stormstead Prepares to Launch a Ship!

At long last Stormstead’s ship is near readiness.  Hand Crafted employees have worked together with citizens of Stormstead and their allies to provide the labor, materials, and skills to complete this task.  Special thanks is offered to our own Hand Crafted shipwright, Langston for his specialized skills.  Additional thanks to all those who participated in collecting, repairing, and building Ship components.   The bare bones are in place.  Now is a good time to see if this ship will float.

stormstead-ship_001Stormstead Chancellor Wanton Aime has announced a ship launch party.  Event will be held on the banks of the Kuvari near where the ship is drydocked.  Food, beverage, and music will be provided.  The Ship’s name will also be announced at that time.  Everyone is welcome!

Join us for our triumph!  Celebrate the fruits of labor!  Questions can be directed to either Wanton Aime or Blanche Greyling.

Submitted by Blanche Greyling, Proud Stormstead Citizen

Written OOCly by Blanche Fralto


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Dance of the Rain


Advertisement Text:

Stormstead invites all of Eyr to join in on the
celebration of the middle of the Monsoon Season

Dance of the Rain
Saturday 25 at 6

Outside at the Cascades

OOC Info:

Advertisement supplied by Jens Ixchel
Event Info:
Saturday 25th at 6PM SLT

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A Letter Preceading an Important Step



Jens Before the Void

“I did not mean to harass or push, but it had been of some manner of great consequences to come by the answer to which I sought. It is rather amazing just how mention of it aroused quite great resentment within others to the point to shut down the legitimacy of the question to which I genuinely sought an answer to. Asking a multitude of people, I hardly received anything that was remotely a straight answer – leaving everything in jagged shadows .. pieces to which one has to pick up and hope the edges come to fit.

As I can not rely on the answers received from the multitudes inquired from, I have only my own eyes to trust—and quite honestly that is the way to which I prefer. I am no longer sure if people had given me a seemingly sounding straight answer that did not suit what I had thought that I would have easily been lead to believe the words to which they spoke. I know what I saw within eyes that can see color, can see shapes, can see images, and can in-fact observe.”

The Void Painting

One of the Paintings of “Prophecy” Before it was Destroyed by the Moei Asing

“If these paintings were herald as predictions of a future to come then whom am I to deny what was painted across the canvas. Ornith of the Moei Asing has shown a course of fear – but I do not fear. Not in the way she does. The future is something to be embraced. The future is something to change, and mold, and shape if one despises what is depicted before them- it is NOT meant to simply be erased, to be cleansed.. to bury behind smeared and stained images of hasty hands seeking desperately to block out what was predicted.

I saw myself.. I looked upon the void—well the painting of the void—and I saw myself. Bits and pieces, flickering distorted images.. but enough to know that what my eyes beheld was glimpses of myself. No one confirmed differently… Shadowy shapes. Bits and pieces unable to be placed together- fading in and out of focus. I am the prince of the shadows. And this shadowy figure could be none other than myself.

A staggering prospective if one ever sought to confuse an image fading away to one fading into focus. I am not foolish, I am not ignorant, I am not blind. I know what power lies beyond the void. I know what power is the void. But this painting was not an image of me disappearing for all of time within it, but one of me stepping forward from the depths of it. A return. A dangerous think to bank on an assumption, but I have reason to believe that this is what was ‘prophesized’.

All the same, if I prove incorrect in my theory—consider this a farewell. To all those I have wronged, ha. To all those I will wrong by not returning, well then.. you likely knew the potential consequences of seeking to linger near one branded by the shadows. This is about as best of an ‘apology’ as I can subscribe to paper. Make do with it as you see fit.

To Stormstead, well. Hm. I am sure the council shall hold itself well even within my absence. Life will find a way. Stormstead stands.

There is one more thing that I would like to take a moment pause to mention, I do not so fool heartedly toss myself into the void without having left behind certain.. things.. in place that can help secure my return back to the realm. These things lie within the possession of one, Blanche. Though I would imagine that in order for her to make use of such she would need to stand before the void once more herself and overcome her own terror of it to stretch out a hand and grab me out from within. I will be waiting, Blanche… I trust that you will not disappoint me.

I will not delay in this task, I shall not place it aside. The time of the future is now, and shall begin this Friday as the sun just begins to dip and cast long shadows across the land.. this is my time.

~Jens, Prince of Shadows”

OOC Info:
Article and first image supplied and by Jens Ixchel
Second Image supplied by Blanche Fralto

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A Citizen’s Call for Decency

I am not a member of Stormstead, but I was once a member of the fine city of Stromness before Mystara departed into the Mysts. That being said, I still take an acute interest in the small village that is supposedly the new home of wayward Mystarans.  I have observed the ebb and flow of humanity’s misfits creeping through the village for years.  Civilization is a thin veneer within Eyr.  I think it’s important we strive to retain the respectabilities and the traditions of our once great land and  protect the citizenry.   That is why I am so disturbed by what I witnessed in the Bathhouse last night.  

Nakedness and abandon.


Stormstead Justicar and the Mistress of the Craft Dock

Wild dancing.
Loud Music.
And strange magics as evidenced by strange ‘water snakes’ writhing and twisting within the bath waters themselves.  

The sounds of lively music  and visions of flickering lights gave me cause to dock my canoe and climb the steps to the Bathhouse.    Imagine my surprise as I drew closer as I became aware of muffled thumping, shrieking laughter,  and loud splashing.  Fearing something amiss I slowed and ventured over to peer through the blinds.  Something I regret even now.

Among those present I recognized the Bathhouse Proprietress herself.  I also noted the familiar red head of the Stormstead Justicar among those those bumping and grinding to the music in the nude.  But he was not alone in this.   There was a wide variety of supposedly ‘respected’ members from the village.  I should note that the Craft Mistress should at least attempt to wear the clothing she is peddling down at the docks.  Those clothed and unclothed all seemed to have been imbued with the drive to dance with utter abandon.  Fae, demon, undead, Mer, and human — all appeared equally infected with this madness.  It was shameful!

Bathhouse-1I was making my way back to the canoe when loud shrieking and laughter erupted on the path behind me.  Lady Blanche pursued by the demon Gideon appeared to be having a naked foot race.  They knocked me off of the trail and sent me tumbling to the fishing dock before they continued cavorting and streaking off into the darkness.  I could hear their thudding footsteps for quite some time as they continued their wicked game of ‘chase’ about the walkways of the village. Isn’t indecent exposure a Stormstead crime?  Are we to let this kind of thing pass?!   And all of this occurring right before the Governor is to wed!

What is more disturbing is that the Festival of the Rains begins Sunday.     And rumor has it that there will  mud wrestling at the event.  It seems the Village Council has taken leave of its senses to allow for such a thing.  I think it time to return to my jungle hut and hide myself away from Stormstead’s version of a ‘civilized’ society.  


Submitted OOCLY by “Anonymous Citizen”

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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To Build a Ship….

Stormstead’s Governor is putting out a call searching for those with shipbuilding and/or RM - Ship Picturecarpentry experience.  We have worked hard to recover lumber and building supplies from the destroyed pirate ship.   What we now need are the people with shipbuilding knowledge and skills to get Stormstead’s ship  ‘off the ground’ and into the water.

As Governor Jil has stated, “A viable means of trade is critical to Stormstead’s survival.  An intact ship means for more reliable trade goods with Aradia and Shalan’ti.  This would benefit not only the citizens of Stormstead but our allies and increase travel options between those two locations.”

Stormstead citizenry need to take advantage of the monsoon season’s high waters if we wish to start construction while we have limited portage on the Kuvari.  Once water’s recede, we will not have the depth needed.  Tengkuju traditionally lasts for another two full months so we must move fast.

A volunteer sign-up sheet has been left at the Craft Dock where the lumber and sailcloth is being housed.  Contact any Stormstead Council member to express your interest and add your name to the roster.

-Blanche Greyling

Submitted OOCLY by Blanche Fralto

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Stormstead Hosting Grand Tournament!

The Stormstead’s Grand Tournament to be held at 3 past the noon sun on Sunday, May 22.

Stormstead Grand Tournament-2Location will be at the stone circle directly outside of the Night Cap.

The Stormstead Tournament is open to /All/ of Eyr, regardless of affiliation to Stormstead, for both participation and spectating.

Stormstead Grand Tournament-1

Combat to Display Strength, Cunning, and Skill!

All participants should be prepared to suffer injury as this is a blood sport however the Stormstead Tournaments frown heavily upon intentionally striking to maim, mangle, or kill one’s opponent. All participants are expected to keep their attacks clean and strike with good intentions. Let us all come out of this alive and able to fight another day.  Fairness of participation will be ensured by vigilance and those acting overly aggressive may be asked to step out. It should remain an interesting attraction for all who witness it!

While this is to be done in traditional tournament style, the Stormstead Tournament is not about who will win or who will lose. While awards may be offered to those who put on a good show, it is all for the fun of the sport of combat.  

  • Weaponry of all sorts is permitted.
  • Armor and Shields are heavily advised.
  • Magic, potions, drugs, alchemy and other things of the sort is prohibited.  
  • Businesses are invited to set up concession for spectators to patron.

~Jil, Governor of Stormstead

((Article written by Jens.Ixchel. Additional information and for Dice Combat Rules please check out the forums: ))

Stormstead\’s Grand Tournament {05/22 @ 3pm}

Mysts of Eyr Forums


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Stormstead Guard Sparring Session!


Valkyrie, Captain of the Guard

Stormstead Guard’s presents Training and Sparring Session!
The guards will be hosting a Melee Combative Training and Sparring session for any whom would like to attend on Sunday, March 6th, one hour past the noon sun out at the fish market docks in Stormstead.


Do you find yourself strong at arm and hold a sense of justice?
Do you hold loyalties to law and order?
Do you devote yourself to doing the right thing?
Than a place among the Stormstead Guards may be a place for you!

The Stormstead Guards are in charge of upholding the laws and ways of the village of Stormstead and seek to keep peace. In order to be a guard, one first must align themselves to Stormstead’s values which can be done by seeking out the Governor, One of the Councilmen (Wanton or Gideon), or the Captain of the Guards, Valkyrie, to express one’s desire to do so.

Submitted by Governor Jil



Submitted OOCly by Jens IxChel

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The Governor Calls for Able-Bodied Volunteers!

Jill-for-governor-2The threat of Sindali is close at hand!  Stormstead citizens and the Asing shall work together to flush Sindali from hiding to end the reign of terror.  

All able-bodied citizens are being asked to gather at the Salty Swallow at 3 on Sunday for a brief planning session lead by the Governor.  

This is a call for all available volunteers.  We will need guards to patrol the borders of Stormstead to maintain the fires and ensure the safety of the Village.  We will also need skilled hunters and trackers to assist with the Hunt.

~ Governor Jil


Submitted OOCly by Jens IxChel
For more information, see the Forum Event at:


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