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A Wedding Invitation – Carnival of the Rains

I cordially invite all of Eyr to join Kel’iah and I in the Celebration of the Carnival of the Rains and our Wedding.


Not only do we happily await our future lives together but have much more to celebrate within the land. While the previous Eternal managed to escape from his execution, it seems the tunnels and depths of the Ebon Reach lie silent and vacant.  Stormstead stands free of threat and has transitioned into a much needed time of peace.


Governor Jil and Kel’iah

The Carnival will begin at noon, held at the fish market docks below the bathhouse and will provide some food, fun and games to liven the spirits of all. It is in my hopes that others will use it as a social event to bring good conversations and unity to all those of the land. To laugh, to cherish.

I would also like to give an appreciation to Wanton, Juni, Naia, Alithia, Deliliah, and of course to Kel’iah whose efforts on Wednesday night have aided in providing the fish that will be provided during the Carnival for substance!

Kel’iah and I will be exchanging vows of Marriage
At Six o’clock in the evening at the location of the Bath House ((June 12))

Untraditionally – There will be no reception following the wedding as the Carnival of Rain’s should serve amble well for food and entertainment prior to the wedding.

~Governor Jil

(Written by Jens.Ixchel
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