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Strike While the Metal is Hot!


The Molten Crucible is open for business and looking for able bodies to staff the forge. Do you enjoy working metal, glass, jewelry, or crafting magical goods? Look no further than the finest forge in all of the islands, matched only by the Shalan’ti in resources. Come on down to The Back Alley under the volcano, where the heart of the earth glows as hot as the furious belly of Azifix, forging many goods ranging from the keenest of blades to the most intricate of glass vases. Perks of working include discounted goods, free upkeep for regular weapons and armor, and free hands on training for various crafts. Those working at the crucible may hold one, or multiple roles, such as a blacksmith who is also an artificer.

Positions include:

Crucible Blacksmith. A blacksmith, as the name implies, deals with iron and steel primarily. However, blacksmiths of The Molten Crucible should be knowledgeable in working other common materials such as copper, tin, bronze, silver, and gold. They may or may not know how to work more advanced metals, though those are likely to be seen to personally by the Forgemaster or the Foreman.

Crucible Gaffer. A gaffer does not work with metals, but glass. Known by the more common layman’s term of glassblower, a gaffer is expected to be adept at the blowing and shaping of glass. It is rumored that some glassblowers may have the ability to work with certain crystals as well.

Crucible Finesmith. A jeweler is one who works on intricate pieces, usually jewelry made of pricier metals such as silver and gold. A jeweler may also be called upon to work with more intricate details of an item such as engraving and other fine tasks unbefitting of the calloused and strong hands of a blacksmith.

Crucible Artificer: Worker who specializes in creating / crafting weapons / artifacts / items to be magically imbued. This may mean dealing with specialist materials or using a ritual approach alongside the physical crafting to make the finished item more attuned to magic.

For those who do well in the business, are active, and learn all facets of business that The Molten Crucible deals with, the position of Foreman is available. There is only one position for this role at the moment. The Foreman is adept in the day to day operations of The Molten Crucible. They act as a manager in the event the Forgemaster is unavailable. A Foreman does not suffer fools lightly, and is quick to ensure the proper order of the forge. The Foreman must have at least a general knowledge of all workings of the business in order to properly direct employees.

Please stop by The Molten Crucible for any inquiries. I would be glad to help anyone who wishes to join, or those who would like to commission a piece, no questions asked as long as you have the funds. We are located in The Back Alley under the volcano, next to The Booty Hole, also known as the stone giant ruins.

( Hikari in disguise. Tenmeihikari.resident )


((An application to work for the Molten Crucible may be filled out HERE.)

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Festival of Knowledge Seeks Those Willing to Give


To those Native to the land, or to those whom hold Ame Moei dear,

The length of a year has come to those upon the isle, land, and water. A new year approaches and with it brings a time to learn and grow. It is time for the Festival of Knowledge to be upon us. It is a time to expand your knowledge, to add things within your life, to prepare the body and mind for the tasks to come, and to reflect upon past experiences learned. One should learn from they who know – so in this we seek teachers to teach and students to learn.

The festival will run from Saturday the 26th of December until Thursday 31st, beginning with a cleansing ceremony of the body and ending with a retailing of past experiences and hopes for the futures to come. But throughout the six day affair, there will be many new skills learned.

Come to learn and permit your mind to feast:

If you believe yourself mastered within a skill, you must try to seek something beyond or else you will never grow. Your ignorance will lead you to your greatest poverty. You will surely wither and die unless you feed your mind.

Be a part of the connection and teach:

For those whom consider themselves to hold the wealth of knowledge upon a subject, now comes the time to share. To let others light their candles upon the bright and warmth, to secure your own immortality through the passing on of what is held within your mind and soul. You will enrich others while not depraving yourself of something of value.

All those interested in seeking to share their knowledge of experiences or a practical skill should seek out the one known as Kacy — hard to miss, with branches adorned upon his head, and feet rooted well to the earth.


((Article and Picture by Jens.Ixchel. OOC info can be found by clicking HERE ))

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A Perfect “Night Cap” – The Death of the Necrowolf

Mal Dead

The Death of the Necrowolf

Sounds of battle echoed through the tunnels of the Night Cap hours after the “Ballshroom Blitz” event had ended. The majority of the attendees had left but for a few still feeling the effects of the fungal spores. Two of those remaining were Stormstead villagers, Gideon and Blanche.

The confrontation culminated with Mal, the Necrowolf, lying dead within a pool of his own blood. The victor of the battle was readily apparent. Drejan X’alos’ punch daggers had laid open his throat; the drowess herself covered in arterial spray.

The battle started off between Mal, Gideon and Blanche when the Necrowolf accosted the couple and demanded Gideon’s fingernails. Blanche took to Wolf form whenMal’s savagery against Gideon left the demon mutilated with missing digits and curled in shock and agony. Drejan X’alos arrival helped turn the tide of the battle, adding her considerable skills to the fray. It was the Necromancer against the Drowess and the Wolf for the final round. While the combat raged, Nagendra the naga and a masked blonde woman arrived to witness Mal’s last minutes of life.

As far as what had transpired leading up to the battle, Blanche was quite vocal.
“Gid and I thought ourselves quite alone. All had gone quiet and it was dark. We were not anticipating interruption and were otherwise occupied. We had no idea Mal had entered the chamber. He may have been lurking in the shadows all evening awaiting an opportunity to catch us alone. His entire purpose seemed focused on Gideon. I only wish I could remember the battle. I would have liked to have seen him die.”

Gideon’s response to what happened was much livelier. “That asshole stole my fingers! AND he interrupted my elaborate love-making performance just as I was getting started! Now the bastard’s dead and good riddance!”

Even Nna, Mer Matriarch voiced her own sentiment regarding news of Mal’s death. “Fuck that guy.”

The Night Cap owner, J’veska Qyr’vezzak, was herself enraged that such an attack had taken place in her establishment. “I am so very sorry that this attack took place under my jurisdiction. I will do everything in my power to be sure no such thing ever happens again under my roof.”

I think the citizens of Eyr can all rest assured that J’veska will be taking action on this matter.

Many have expressed concern over the fact that the body had turned up missing the following morning. Nothing left behind but a bloodstained floor and tufts of fur from the battle. The Night Cap owner herself having no knowledge of its interment. No one has stepped forward. Some are already whispering that Mal will return. Indeed it may be too soon to start celebration.

Triana Mills, his former mate feels he will be back.
“He (Mal) was studying with The Reach. The one who leads it himself said they delve into magics not of this realm, and that Mal was…well on his way. I only wish I could believe he is truly gone from my life…from all our lives. But, this pit in my stomach… it tells me otherwise.”

Drejan X'alos

Drejan X’alos

As far as Drejan is concerned the matter is over for now.
“If [Mal] comes back deader than he was, more’s the pity for him… it means there’ll be no end to his fucking torment and he’ll wish he could die with finality before I’m finished.”


Only time will tell.

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The Night Cap Hosts a Ballshroom Blitz!

On Friday, December 11, the Night Cap hosted a Ballshroom Blitz, inviting anyone and everyone to don their finest clothes, along with a mask, and enjoy the bounty of its goods for free for one night only. Many took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the bounteous event, hosted by Valos and J’veska Qyr’vezzak.

Party at Night Cap - The Crowd

It is rumored some got wind of too many spores and may have shown off more than just their dancing skills, but who is to say? The room was filled with happy Eyrians enjoying the mushrooms and exotic treats.

Party at Night Cap - Gideon

Others simply watched from the sidelines, and enjoyed the raffles, which were held every hour on the hour and proved of great interest to spectators and winners alike.

Party at Night Cap - Valos and Valkyrie Asta Munthe

On the first hour, a raffle was held for a bolt of finely embroidered silk cloth imported from Shalan’ti, suitable for crafting. This prize was won by Drejan.

On the second hour, a raffle was held for a custom-made piece of weaponry, crafted by Master Blacksmith Harlow, Governor of Stormstead himself. This raffle was won by Blanche.

On the third hour, a raffle was held for a cask of fine wine which had been recovered from the depths of the sea by Prince Kenzie of the Merfolk and was won by Pandora.

The final hour and raffle was for a week of goods on the house of the nightcap, and enjoyment of these wares free of charge.  This raffle prize went to winner Alika Kalu.

The party ended with a grand finale as the walls seemed to pulse with life. Some guests held their breath and high-tailed it out, while others seemed happy to take the opportunity to get in one last good high for the night. Either way, the party was clearly a grand success.

— by Darsha, the one who sees.


((Written oocly by Astrid de Manyet (Portia Swords) – character of Pandora using a pen name. For more information on this event, click HERE.))


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Brawlers Test their Mettle at the Ebon Reach Pit Fights

Valorvir and Botis, Pit Lord of Ebon Reach, hosted the first Back Ally Brawl on Saturday, December 5th where fighters came to test their mettle, and perhaps settle personal vendettas, against one another. Shady merchants were seen peddling wares in dark corners and even Wanton Aime of the Salty Swallow served up drinks to spectators who came to quench their thirst for more than blood.

Botis at the Pitfights - Mysts of Eyr

The first fight was a contest of skin on skin between Krastor and Cedany Blackstone and seemed to be of significance beyond just the battering of fists in the pit. The brawlers punctuated their punches with words as well as knuckles, and Cedany left the pit victorious.

Krastor and Cedany at the Pitfights - Mysts of Eyr

The second fight between J’veska and Pandora seemed evenly matched, despite the siren’s initial slip in the pits, causing self injury. That is until Pandora distracted herself to dine on the blood she’d drawn from J’veska and took a kick to the head that easily ended the fight. J’veska chalked this fight up for a win.

J'veska and Pandora at the Pitfights - Mysts of Eyr

This reporter regrets missing the details of the third and final fight, however second hand reports indicate that two fighters — namely one StarGirl and one Daniel Graves — faced off in the pits. Daniel Graves was victorious with the only critical hit of the night, possibly making for the most brutal of the three wins.

The event was certainly a success, with the crowd watching in anticipation for blows and bloodshed from the sidelines. One can certainly hope there will be future brawls in the Pits.

— by Darsha, the one who sees.


((Written oocly by Astrid de Manyet (Portia Swords) – character of Pandora using a pen name. For more information on this event, click HERE.))

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Ebon Reach Presents: The Pit Fights!

Ebon Reach Presents... the Pit Fights

Valorvir, owner of the Ebon Reach and Botis, Pit Lord, are proud to present the 1st Back Alley Brawl.

On December the 5th at 4pm(SLT), a contest will be held of strength and skill between able-bodied fighters. Come test your metal against Eyr’s greatest warriors OR watch these titans battle it out! This is round one in a series of competitions to find Eyr’s Champion.

Brawling rules: Contestants will be asked to wear no shirt and no shoes; however, allowances will be made for the sake of anonymity. This includes but is not limited to masks or tight fitting body coverings.

Armor, Weapons, Magic, and shifting of forms are all prohibited.

All interested fighters or their managers should contact Botis, Pit Lord, before the 5th of December to register as a fighter.

Spectators will enjoy the comforts of the Reach, a rousing battle, and a chance to bet on your favored brawlers!

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the duration of this event, Valorvir and Botis ask that any differences between various parties be set aside until the close of the festivities.


OOC Info:

Please fill out the following form, paste it into a notecard, and then send it to Botis (Maze.Ormega) if you want participate in the competition.

Notecard Title – “Fighter Entry Form(SL Name Here)”

Fighter Entry Form

Fighter Name:_________________
((SL Name)):__________________

For more information about this event please click the original announcement here: Ebon Reach Pit Fights
Event Contact: Maze Ormega
Notice Copy supplied by Maze Ormega
Artwork supplied by Astrid de Manyet (Portia Swords)



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Giving of Ame Moei – Offerings Received

The Giving of Ame Moei  and Yue brought out many from the isle, including some well-known.

The following is a memoir of who attended, what they offered, and why it was offered.


Alika Kalu of the Sum’ei’ans, and Myan of the Moei Asing, offered the gift of habits to Ame Moei and to her fellow Moei Asings. As Ame Moei chose her to be Her emissary, she chose to part with a small pleasure to prove to Her of her resolve to lead…. a bag full of a dozen or more cinnamon sticks.

Matthew James Harlow, of Stormstead, of Sanctum, of The Dalelands of Faerun, presented this offering to Ame Moei — a knife, which had been with him nigh on twenty years. The knife had saved his life on countless occasions, and had seen him though many of a battle. He proclaimed he owed it his safety, and thanked Ame Moei for the chance She presented him.

Nasirah, recognized that Ame Moei is a part of all of us. Just as life can be taken, life can be given. Her bounty is our boon, but reminds all that we must remember to give back. She gave seeds as thanks to Ame Moei. As She sustains us, we must be sure to sustain Her as well, and proclaim the Blessings of Ame Moei.

Cedany Blackstone, formerly known as Frendel, of the Moei Asing, former Knight Commander of Stromness in Mystara brought an offering to Ame Moei and to Yue of fruits born by the jungle – coconuts and bananas. She thanked Ame Moei for opening her eyes and letting her be a part of Moei Asing to learn the ways of the jungle. She asked that her offering serve as unity to Mystaran and Eyrian alike and that, one day, all of us would learn balance in the jungle and be able to live peacefully. She asked that all of us learn Her way and offer respect from here on out.

Mimi Delongpre offered a basket of strawberries as a symbol of innocence, peace, and spiritual purity, though she was adamant about noting that nothing can describe the ecstasy that’s released when eating strawberries.

Drejan, Pa’das, citizen of Stormstead and matron of her own house presented seeds to Ame Moei in recompense for utilizing the trees felled in the typhoon’s fury for repairs to the village. The seeds were four Brazil nuts that held strange powers of growth dwelling within them. She has also offered a durian nut on Nagendra’s behalf, because it would so seem they are alike in many ways. Prickly and forbidding on the outside, delicious and well-meaning in the middle.

Zelis Semoran offered the gift of seeds and soil to the gods and spirits of this isle. They were from the Isle of Mystara that some, if not many of us he was sure, are from, and he had been holding as a remembrance. He now offered them up in hopes that those who do not get along so peacefully with the spirits of the new land might be looked upon with some understanding, and in hopes that this might help with that understanding.

Krastor De’Guisarme, who claimed to live in the swamp, brought an offering of undergarments. As some of us were unfamiliar with them, he was kind enough to explain. These are worn with the straps about the hips, and the ‘cup’ over the groin. They help to keep them warm and dry, and are also a good deterrent from parasites biting one in very unpleasant places. This is a token symbolizing his desire to guard things that are sacred and precious, like the jungle itself, which he now proclaims to guard with fervor as if it were an extension of his very own twig and berries. The undergarments were made of crocodile skin.

Alithia, Matriarch of the Alassi Eenii Shoal, offered  fish to the Ame Moei and the Moei Asing, in respect of their ways and in hopes of friendship. She desired that these fish help planted things thrive and flourish in this time of destruction.

Pandora had many things she could present. Only if it suits, she intended to leave the fruits of the sea for the Ame Moei and Yue, the jungle mother… in thanks for the bounty that the sea gives to the water folk who live within it. And there she left several handfuls of scallops and shelled crustaceans.

Roanmara, whom was small and young, innocent, spilled nuts upon the ground, for which Ame Moei will be pleased.

Kacy proclaimed that what he presented to Ame Moei is one of his on arrows that he crafted as a symbolism that he is devoted to Her protection, and that without Her his life is without meaning, so She is truly a cause to take up arms and depart from a pacifistic life. He proclaimed that he would continue hunting the abomination that summoned the Leviathan, and any other whom crossed his path.

 ((Written oocly by Jens Ixchel. For more information on this event click HERE.))
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